Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
John Kenney Lopevi

1st voted out

Day 3

Twila Tanner Yasur

2nd voted out

Day 6

Mia Galeotalanza Yasur

3rd voted out

Day 7

Lea "Sarge" Masters Lopevi

4th voted out

Day 7

Travis "Bubba" Sampson Lopevi 5th voted out

Day 10

Ami Cusak Yasur 6th voted out

Day 12

Eliza Orlins Yasur Lopevi 7th voted out

Day 15

Brook Geraghty Lopevi Yasur 8th voted out

Day 18

Leann Slaby Yasur Lopevi Alinta 9th voted out

Day 21

Chris Daugherty Lopevi Lopevi Alinta 10th voted out

Day 24

1st Jury member

John "JP" Palyok Lopevi Lopevi Alinta 11th voted out

Day 27

2nd Jury member

Dolly Neely Yasur Yasur Alinta 12th voted out

Day 30

3rd Jury member

Brady Finta Lopevi Yasur Alinta 13th voted out

Day 33

4th Jury member

Rory Freeman Lopevi Lopevi Alinta 14th voted out

Day 36

5th Jury member

Scout Lee Yasur Lopevi Alinta 15th voted out

Day 37

6th Jury member

Chad Crittenden Lopevi Yasur Alinta 16th voted out

Day 38

7th Jury member

Lisa Kieffer Yasur Yasur Alinta Runner-up 3
Julie Berry Yasur Yasur Alinta Sole Survivor 2

Episode 1

Eighteen Americans were divided by gender into two tribes and sent on a long hike to their respective camps. By the time they arrived, it was dark, so they had to sleep without any shelter; it rained all night, causing bad feelings and tension in the morning. At Lopevi, Chad revealed to his tribe the idea of creating a perfect society, in which there would be no conflict. He explained that everyone would have a particular job to do, that there would be no alliances and that before each vote, they would cast lots to decide who everyone would vote for. The tribe was swayed by the idea that this would inspire unity and would enable them to take out the women at the merge, and they decided to go along with it. They built a good shelter. At Yasur, a younger girls alliance of Julie, Dolly and Eliza began to form, which annoyed Leann and Ami. Due to pretty much constant bickering, they didn't build a very good shelter.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways would compete for both immunity and reward by going through an obstacle course. Each castaway would go beneath a mud crawl and solve a box maze. Following the box maze, they would then cross over a very narrow balance beam to light a fire in order to drop a torch. The torch would be needed to light a final wok, which would signify victory.

Reward: Tribal Immunity and flint

Yasur won reward and immunity, largely due to the fact that Bubba lost a lot of ground when doing the mudcrawl. Back at Lopevi, they all cast lots, and John K. lost. He argued that it was unfair that he was going home when Bubba had lost them the challenge. Some of the tribe members were uneasy about voting for someone who hadn't done anything. In the end, they admitted that the perfect society concept was working well around camp, and John K. was voted out 8-1.

Episode 2

Finta was upset at having voted out John, but Chad argued that the lot casting was an important tennant of the perfect society. He insisted that it would improve camp life and make them strong in the merge. The next day, Chris began to get annoyed with Sarge due to his laziness. Over at Yasur, Eliza and Scout began to bond, which worried Julie and Dolly. Seizing an opportunity, Ami attempted to get them to target Eliza at the next tribal council.

Reward Challenge: Eight castaways from each tribe would stand on a narrow beam over water. One at a time, the castaways would move down the beam, squeezing past their fellow tribe members. The castaway moving down the beam would not be allowed to touch more than one tribe member at a time. Any castaway to fall off would have to start over. The first tribe to get all eight members to the finish platform would win reward.

Reward: Pillows, blankets, and a hammock

Immunity Challenge: The tribes would be required to assemble a series of platforms to an observation deck. Each platform would be made from puzzle pieces. Blindfolded, the castaways would need to retrieve these puzzle pieces from the land and sea with the aid of a fellow tribe member who would not be blindfolded. Once all the pieces are gathered, the tribe would then remove their blindfolds in order to put together their platform puzzles. The first tribe to piece together the puzzle pieces would win immunity.

Yasur won immunity by a large margin and were overjoyed that they got their comfort items. Twila tried finding a clue to the idol in the reward, but couldn't; however, her obvious attempts worried her tribemates. Lopevi rebounded and won the immunity challenge, giving them their first challenge win. At Yasur, Ami noticed that Twila was a popular target. She tried to convince Dolly and Julie to join her, along with Twila and Leann, in voting out Eliza, who seemed to be playing both sides. In the end, Dolly and Julie refused to flip, sending Twila home 6-3.

Episode 3

Ami and Leann were concerned that they would be targets after voting against the majority at tribal council. They weren't able to get a clear read on what the rest of the tribe thought of them, which worried them. Lisa made a spear and tried to catch fish, but she was unsuccessful. Over at Lopevi, Rory, Brook and JP began to bond over their shared love of baseball. Chad noticed this and grew worried; he reminded the tribe that their perfect society mandated that no alliances exist. The tribe bristled and began to grow annoyed with chad. Rory, Brook and JP formed a secret alliance.

Reward Challenge: The tribe members must work together to escape a set of three locked cages. To make their way through, they must untie planks, use grappling hooks to retrieve keys, and master a series of interlocking siderails. First tribe to escape the cages wins reward, and will go on to compete in the individual immunity challenge.

Reward: Fishing gear and a chance at Individual Immunity

Individual Immunity Challenge: The castaways must dig seven ladder rungs out of the sand in order to assemble a puzzle-like ladder. Once the ladder is built, the castaways must climb to the top. First castaway to climb to the top wins Individual Immunity. In addition, the winning castaway would be able to grant immunity to a castaway on the opposing tribe.

Yasur dominated the challenge from start to finish, winning the fishing gear and giving Lisa what she needed to catch fish properly. Leann narrowly won individual immunity over Julie and Ami. Back at camp, Ami quickly diverted attention away from herself by convincing the tribe to vote out Mia, who was perceived as weak. Meanwhile, Lisa found the clue to the idol in the fishing gear. At Lopevi, the men cast lots and it was decided that they would all vote for Sarge. An angry Sarge berated Chad and his perfect society. At Yasur's tribal council, Ami's plan came to fruition as Mia was voted out unanimously. When the men came in for their tribal council, Leann chose to give immunity to Bubba, as she saw him to be the weakest and wanted the men's tribe to be weak. The alliance of Rory, Brook and JP considered making a move against Chad but ultimately stuck with the perfect society's original plan and voted out Sarge 7-1.

Episode 4

After Sarge's emotional exit, several members of Lopevi began to have second thoughts about Chad's perfect society. JP thought that it forced good tribe members to be voted out before his time had come. Chad disagreed plainly, saying that they needed to be able to stay together at the merge and that this was the best way of doing so. The next day, Rory and Brook agreed to move against the perfect society at the next tribal council. They hoped to draw JP and probably one or two of the others in. Meanwhile, Chad glowered as his perfect society was failing to keep the men on task; Brady, Rory and Chris proved to be problematic in this regard. Over on Yasur, Julie and Dolly made a final two pact, and they conspired to bring along Eliza and Scout in order to secure a majority.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must pull themselves along an underwater rope, retrieving markers along the way. The tribe the collects the most markers in the time given wins a trip to the waterfalls of Vanuatu, plus beer and Pringles chips.

Yasur won reward by a wide margin and bonded over the reward, eating plenty of Pringles along the way and enjoying each others company. Meanwhile, Lopevi hadn't won a challenge in days and was demoralized. JP agreed to go along with Rory and Brook, giving them just one away from a majority. Chad was concerned that factions were forming within the perfect society and pulled aside Bubba, who pledged fidelity.

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes must race through the jungle to retrieve paddles and parts of a canoe. Once all the pieces are gathered, the tribes must assemble their canoe and paddle out in the ocean to retrieve their flag. First tribe to bring their flag to the shore wins immunity.

Once again, the women's tribe dominated the challenge through and through, sending Lopevi to another tribal council. Back at camp, Rory, Brook and JP tried to convince Chris to vote with them for Chad, but he refused, still viewing Chad as the tribe leader. Brady took a similar view. Although Chad knew that there were secret alliances afoot, he called the tribe to cast lots; Brook was the selection. Brady, not wanting to vote out a fellow athlete, was convinced to vote for Bubba along with the baseball alliance. At tribal council, the perfect society was finally undermined as Bubba was voted out by a vote of 4-3.

Episode 5

After arriving back from tribal council, Chad refused to talk to the rest of his tribe. The next morning, it became clear that the perfect society was dead; no one was doing his assigned job. Chad berated the tribe for their rejection of his idea and praised Chris for his loyalty. He then stormed off. Chris disliked being thanked by the man who was now public enemy number one on the tribe and tried to get in good with what was now the majority. Over on Yasur, a wild boar ran through camp and caused damage to the shelter, forcing an impromptu renovation. Lisa was especially bossy during the process, aggravating all but especially Ami and Leann.

  • Reward Challenge: Pairs of several Vanuatu cultural items were hidden in a group of baskets. The castaways must take turns finding matching pairs in the field of baskets. First tribe to find five pairs wins a Vanuatu tribesman named Dah's visit to the winning tribe's camp to teach them about fishing, hunting and shelter.

Exhausted from the shelter construction, Yasur was unable to keep its streak going as Lopevi won reward. They gained valuable advice on how to run the tribe; Chad paid particularly close attention. However, it was clear that he was going to be next to go, as barely anyone was speaking to him. He tried to sneak back into Chris' good graces but was rebuffed. On the other side, Dolly considered replacing Scout with Lisa in their final four plan, reasoning that the latter would be more annoying to Ami and would be an easier win at final tribal. If she had to, she decided to bring it up with Julie, her main ally.

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe members must race to match a series of colored tiles according to the symbol painted on them. Each tribe must designate a member to be their "eyes". The "eyes" will stand on a perch to guide their tribe as they arrange their tiles in a grid so that no color or symbol is repeated in one row or column. First tribe to decipher the puzzle wins immunity.

With JP serving as caller, Lopevi won immunity. The men were pleased, but Chad was dismayed, seeing it as a changing of the guard. On the women's side, it became clear that Leann and Ami were without allies. Without any more deadweight on the tribe, they were the next logical boots, as Lisa had recently been brought in by Dolly and Julie. Ami suggested to Eliza and Scout that they team up and take out Lisa, but was rebuffed. At tribal council, Ami was voted out by a 5-2 vote.

Episode 6

Judging by the vote, Leann knew that she was all alone on her tribe. Her tribemates' cool treatment towards her corroborated this theory. The next day on Lopevi, Brook and Brady made a final two deal, Brook's second due to his arrangement with Rory. When the two tribes arrived at the reward challenge, they were told that the tribes would be switched up. Each contestant took a paint filled rock and crushed it to find out his new tribe. The new Yasur consisted of Dolly, Julie, Lisa, Chad, Brook and Brady, while the new Lopevi was Rory, JP, Chris, Scout, Eliza and Leann.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribe members must race through a muddy pigpen in order to retrieve tribe-colored pigs. First tribe to bring ten pigs back to their tribe pen wins steak and eggs.

The new Yasur won the challenge and was treated to big, greasy plates of steak and eggs. Back at camp, they reveled in their new strength and bonded over the reward, but Dolly worried that they should take out Brady or Brook because they posed so much of a threat. Over on the other side, Leann was shocked to hear Rory and Chris' accounts of Chad's perfect society. Sensing that the men were hungry for an alliance, she thought of jumping ship on the women to join them.

  • Immunity Challenge: From a platform in the water, each tribe member must navigate obstacle course to retrieve a pieces of a tiki. The castaways must avoid both above and underwater obstacles. The tribes must then bring the pieces ashore to assemble their tiki. First tribe to assemble their tiki correctly wins immunity.

The new Yasur assembled their tiki just in time and won immunity. Back at camp, Brook was pleased that he would get a few more days to get in good with his new tribe. Over on Lopevi, Rory approached Leann about voting with the men, which she agreed to. Meanwhile, Scout tried to get her to stay the course and vote for Chris, the man who they perceived to be on the bottom of the totem pole. In the end, Leann moved against her own tribemates, helping to take out Eliza by a 4-2 vote.

Episode 7

After tribal council, Scout severed all ties with Leann, saying that she could kiss any hope of staying with the women at the merge goodbye. The next day, Leann was feeling vulnerable and confided in Rory; the two agreed to watch each other's backs. Meanwhile, JP stumbled upon a large colony of crabs and tossed rocks to kill many of them, resulting in an energizing feats. Over on Yasur, Chad wanted to join up with the women and help oust Brook and Brady, but it was his old Lopevi tribemates who were much closer to Dolly and Julie. Brook and Brady's strength had carried the tribe to two straight challenge wins, and they were far more ingrained in tribe life. Dolly approached Brady about joining her and Julie's alliance, and after confirming that he could bring Brook along, he accepted without telling Brook.

  • Reward Challenge: One tribe member at a time must open coconuts, then they must race through an obstacle course with the coconut juice, and fill up their tribe's receiving jar. Once the jar is full, the final tribe member must carry it to the finish line. First tribe to get their full jar across the finish line wins a trip to a café to enjoycoffee, juice, treats, and love from home.

Thanks probably in part to the crab feast, Lopevi won reward. They received even more nourishment at the cafe. The highlight of the reward were letters from home; Chris' letter from his wife got him particularly emotional. Meanwhile, Scout's left her lonely, missing her partner back home and her allies on the other beach. Over at Yasur, Brook tried to find out Chad's motives for the perfect society; Chad said that his intentions were true and it was meant to promote unity. Meanwhile, Lisa argued with Chad over how long to cook the rice, both of them aggravating the tribe.

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe members must take turns using a slingshot to fire marbles at tiles. First tribe to break all twenty of their tiles wins immunity.

Lopevi won immunity, a monster performance from Brook over on Yasur notwithstanding. The win ensured that the tribes would merge even at five, as Jeff mentioned that the merge was coming the following day. Back at Yasur, Brook mentioned to Brady that he thought Lisa would be the logical choice to boot. Brady mentioned this to Dolly--she did not agree. Dolly preferred Lisa to Brook as the fourth member of the alliance. Realizing how much of a threat he would be once the tribes were merged, Dolly started a movement to oust Brook. Julie and Lisa were on board immediately, and Chad, feeling vulnerable and without allies, jumped at the chance to vote someone else out. An hour before tribal council, Dolly and Julie finally told Brady of their plan to vote out Brook. Brady debated telling Brook of this news, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. At tribal council, Dolly's plan came to fruition as Brook was blindsided by a unanimous 5-1 vote.

Episode 8

The next morning, the tribes were eagerly awaiting news of the merge. Brady was growing anxious about the whole thing; he was looking forward to seeing friends like Rory and JP on the other side, but he was nervous about how that would fit in with his recent association with the women of Yasur. Over on the other side, JP was pumped about getting some of his original tribemates back and getting a large voting bloc going. Finally, tree mail came, and the tribes were instructed to row out to a small island around the midpoint between their two camps. There, the two tribes finally merged. The game was now individual. The new tribe of ten chose their new tribe name, Alinta, and feasted on some meats, fruits, vegetables and wines. After that, the new tribe went to a brand new campsite and had to start building a brand new shelter, with JP and Brady stepping up immediately as the leaders. Scout brought Dolly and Julie up to speed on the goings on on Lopevi and retreated safely back into their alliance. Meanwhile, Rory and JP discussed whether they wanted to go final three together; after a bit of waffling from Brady, they agreed to it. Chad tried to start a dialogue with Chris, who himself was fairly out of the strategy loop. Chris disengaged, however, knowing that Chad had a bad rap.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways were divided into two groups. The castaways must race to a series of tall wooden towers in the water and climb to the top. Then they must navigate across a balance beam, retrieve a flag, and jump off the tower and race to the beach. First two players from each group to bring three flags to the beach moves on to the final round. The final round would be the same challenge. First person to collect all three of their flags wins immunity.

JP, Brady, Dolly and Julie advanced to the final round of the challenge. Ultimately, JP was the winner, earing safe passage to the final nine. Back at camp, it seemed that the vote was between two alliances: Rory, JP and Leann, and Dolly, Julie, Lisa and Scout. Brady, Chris and Chad served as pivotal swing votes. With the physical threat of JP immune, Julie thought that the women should vote for Leann in a revenge vote. Meanwhile, the old Lopevi chose to vote Scout, figuring her to be an uncontroversial vote. Chad, playing both sides, decided that his best chance was to go with the numbers and vote with the women. He attempted to convince Chris and Brady to do the same, saying that it maximized their chances of advancing in the game. In the end, Chris remained loyal to his old Lopevi tribemates, but Brady sided with the Yasur alliance and sent Leann packing by a close 6-4 vote.

Episode 9

The next twelve hours around camp were hectic. After finding out about the breakdown of the voting, Rory confronted Brady for his flip. Brady said that he didn't want a tie and that he could play both sides and give them an advantage. Rory and JP were distrustful of their ally, but decided to take him up on the offer out of matter of necessity. In reality, Brady had no idea where to go. Dolly decided that Chad was a much better potential alliance partner than Brady, so her focus was elsewhere. She promised him final three, along with Julie; he accepted. Because of the perfect society debacle and a general lack of allies, she knew it would be ideal to sit next to Chad at final tribal council. Lisa gunned for JP, stating that his strength made him too much of a threat.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway is assigned three skulls. The castaways must take turns answering questions about Vanuatu history and culture. Each time a castaway answers a question correctly, they must set another player's skull on fire. The person with the last skull left wins a helicopter ride to the inland gorge of Vanuatu. They will enjoy a picnic of chicken wings and champagne in the mouth of an inactive volcano.

In a surprising result, Scout won reward. She was allowed to take one other tribe member with her; she selected Brady. While on reward, Scout revealed to him Dolly's absorption of Chad and offered him the chance to join a sub-alliance with her and Lisa, in addition to the larger one. Brady considered this, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to turn on his friends for the two oldest women in the game. Back at camp, Rory tried to convince Chad to join back up with them. Chad feigned considering the idea, but he laughed at the prospect behind Rory's back.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must stand behind a podium containing a mosaic puzzle. Each piece of the mosaic puzzle has multiple sides, with each side a different color. The castaways would then be shown a picture showing a mosaic with a specific color scheme. The castaways will have one minute to replicate what they saw on their picture, with those making a mistake eliminated from the challenge. The puzzles will gradually become more difficult and the castaways will have less time. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Rory won immunity, winning by a nose over Chad and Scout. Back at camp, the women deliberated about who to vote out. Ultimately, they decided on Chris, thinking that Brady would be more likely to stick to the plan if he didn't have to vote out JP. When Chad heard of the plan, he balked and argued for the elimination of JP, causing tension within the alliance. Meanwhile, Rory, JP and Chris decided to target ringleader Dolly and tried to bring in Brady and Chad. Their plan failed, however; the majority alliance held, and Chris was sent packing 6-3.

Episode 10

Coming back from tribal council, JP and Rory realized that they would need to become free agents and search for factions within the majority if they wanted to survive. The next day, they talked strategy with Brady, who they perceived to be on the bottom of the women's alliance. He kept his options open, saying that he did feel powerless with his current alliance but was still in a relatively safe position. Meanwhile, Chad thought about his endgame and knew that it would be in his best interests to be the only male at final tribal. Lisa found a grove of tapioca trees, providing food for the tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways will be split into two teams of four. One player from each team will be deemed the "sacrificial lamb". The "sacrificial lamb" must wear a harness with their hands tied. The other three team members must guide the "sacrificial lamb" through an obstacle course. First team to get their "sacrificial lamb" to the finish line wins a trip to another island, where a Vanuatu village will host a night of ritual, spiritual union, and food.

The team of Brady, JP, Rory and Scout won reward. During the reward, Scout attempted to reinforce her suballiance with Brady and brought up the possibility of joining with JP and Rory to oust one of the women. Back at camp, Chad gunned for JP to be eliminated at the next tribal council. Dolly considered the option but worried about giving Chad too much influence in the game. That night, a severe downpour dampened the non-reward castwaways.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity.

Julie won immunity, securing the first individual immunity win for a woman on the season. Scout told Lisa of her plan to take out Dolly. Lisa considered it but was unsure of how to proceed; she also disliked how Scout had strategized with JP and Rory without her knowledge. In the end, Lisa stayed with the majority, as did Brady, who was leery of Scout as an alliance partner. At tribal council, Scout found herself on the wrong side of the vote; she joined JP and Rory in voting for Dolly, but JP went home in a 5-3 decision.

Episode 11

Coming back from tribal, Scout was aware that it had been a decisive vote and that she was now on the bottom of her alliance. The next day, Dolly decided she wanted to cut Scout loose at the next tribal; once again, Chad disagreed, saying that Rory was the easier vote. Dolly, who did not want to risk another revolt from Scout later on, was annoyed by Chad's disagreement. Rory tried to forge a friendship with Lisa, who had been having a rough couple of days in the game. She was appreciative of his company but did not want to tether herself to anything.

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge would be a memory test about what has played out in the previous challenges of this season. The castaways will be asked a series of questions. The player who answers the most questions correctly wins reward. The winner's loved one will spend a night at the Alinta camp

The challenge came down to Dolly and Brady, with Dolly taking it in the end. Dolly's mother spent the night at camp, which was a great experience for her. While she was distracted, Rory and Scout started to sow the seeds of a blindside. They successfully brought over Chad, who was tired of Dolly's controlling in their alliance. Heading into the challenge, they were only one vote short of pulling off the coup.

  • Immunity Challenge: Both the castaways and the loved ones will participate in the challenge. The castaways must sit on towers and verbally guide their blindfolded loved ones through a series of obstacles in order to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. Once all the bags are retrieved, the castaways and their loved one must work together to assemble the puzzle. First castaway to complete the puzzle wins immunity. This challenge was originally used in Survivor: Thailand.

Brady and his mother won the challenge, his first individual immunity win. Back at camp, Dolly and Julie still planned to vote out Scot. Scout, Rory and Chad, needing just one more to pull off a blindside, decided to bring in Lisa, trusting Rory's newfound friendship with her over any longstanding loyalties with Brady. In the end, Lisa decided to go with the upstart group, and Dolly was voted out 4-3.

Episode 12

The new majority alliance was confident in its chances to run to the final four, but Chad was a bit worried over Rory's inclusion. As he was the least popular man in the game, he didn't want to go to the end with another man--if he did, he'd lose out on male jury votes. Meanwhile, Rory felt he had a new lease on life in the game and was feeling energized for the next few days. Brady, feeling vulnerable, decided to prove his worth by working hard and caught several fish for the tribe. The others recognized his effort but were wary.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must race across a floating obstacle course in order to retrieve flags. First person to bring three flags back to shore wins a brand new Pontiac G6. The second and third placed castaways would join the winner on a road trip to a resort, where they will enjoy a night with food and a hot shower.

Lisa won the challenge, securing for herself the new car. Chad and Brady, placing second and third, went on the trip with her. While on the journey, Brady pleaded his case to stay in the game and suggested taking out Julie, known for her association with Dolly. Back at camp, Rory made several improvements to the shelter and repaired some leaks that had developed throughout the stay on the island.

  • Immunity Challenge: The challenge was a version of shuffleboard. Each castaway will be given six metal discs. On the board there will be a map of the Vanuatu islands. The castaways must try to get their discs on the islands. However, the castaways may use their discs to knock the other castaways' discs off the islands. The only way to keep a disc safe on an island is to drop it into a volcano on the board. The castaway with the most discs on the islands wins immunity.

Rory won the immunity challenge, ensuring his passage to the final five. Brady still wanted to join with the majority and take out Julie; he touched base will all of the alliance members to get the plan across. However, they decided that Julie's passiveness in the game made her less of a threat than the physically fit Brady. At tribal council, Brady was voted out unanimously.

Episode 13

With Chad and Rory as the only remaining males in the game, Chad knew that he had a good opportunity to take out Rory at the final five. He started talking strategy with Julie more often, letting her know that he could help her advance further in the game. On the whole, the tribe was working well together and had hit its stride over the final two days. Walking through the jungle one day, Scout came across a cavern with a shallow pool inside. The tribe enjoyed the cavern together as a bonding experience.

  • Reward Challenge: This challenge incorporated elements from previous challenges this season. First the castaways must navigate through a mud crawl, with the last to complete the crawl being eliminated from the challenge. Then the four remaining castaways must catch a pig to bring it into their pen, with the last one to do so being eliminated from the challenge. Then the three remaining castaways must solve a tiki puzzle, with two moving on. The final two castaways must race across a balance beam, then use a slingshot to break three tiles. First castaway to break three tiles wins a trip to Mount Yasur where the winner will enjoy a picnic of hot dogs, hot chocolate, and beer.

Julie won the reward challenge and was unsure of who to take with her. Not wanting to take Chad and be too obvious about their strategizing, she chose her former ally Lisa. The two reconciled and did not talk strategy, but had a great time on the reward. Meanwhile back at camp, Scout started to plan her run to the end. She wanted to take Julie but was unsure of how she could pull it off without betraying an alliance member.

  • Immunity Challenge: Jeff will start by telling the story of Roy Mata. After he finishes the story, the castaways must race to different stations to answer questions about the story. Each time a castaway answers correctly, they would receive a white pig tusk, which they must attach to a necklace. First player to attach all five of their tusks to the necklace wins immunity.

Chad won immunity, successfully clinching a place in the final four. Back at camp, Rory was unwavering in his desire to preserve the majority alliance and take out Julie. Scout, Lisa and Chad discussed what to do, and it became clear that they all wanted to advance with Julie and take out Rory, who they saw as a jury threat. They agreed to work together and then have it out in the next round. At tribal, the three had made up their minds and did not stray, eliminating Rory by a vote of 4-1.

Episode 14

Chad was glad that he was the last man standing, but he knew it would be a dogfight to the end. He wanted to bring Julie to the final three, but he would need Lisa's vote to nab Scout in order to accomplish that. Meanwhile, Scout wanted to advance with the two goats, Chad and Julie, while remaining loyal to close ally Lisa. The weather began to grow extremely hot as the game started to wind down, taking a toll on the castaways.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must race through an eight-level vertical maze in order to retrieve ten colored tiles. Once they have all their tiles, they must untie the tiles to reveal letters for a word scramble. First castaway to form the correct two-word phrase wins immunity.

Julie won immunity, guaranteeing her place in the final three. She and Chad immediately targeted Scout, who trusted in her loyalty to Lisa in order to send it to firebuilding against Chad. At tribal council, Chad and Scout tied 2-2, but Lisa flipped during the revote, sending Scout to the the jury. With only three castaways remaining, the survivors undertook the rite of passage and paid tribute to their fallen comrades in the game. At the conclusion of their journey, they reached the final immunity challenge.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must stand on platform holding a bow and arrow in a warrior pose. Any castaway who falls off the platform or releases their arrow will be eliminated from the challenge. The last castaway remaining would win immunity.

Julie won immunity, punching her ticket to final tribal council. Both Chad and Lisa lobbied hard to stay in the game, and Julie was initially undecided about who to take to the end. Ultimately, she decided that going up against Chad was too risky; while he had earned his reputation as an annoying sabateur, he also had legitimate relationships with many of the male jury members and had forged a unique legacy in the game. At tribal council, Julie voted him out. The next morning, Julie and Lisa awoke to a giant final two breakfast waiting for them on Alinta beach. They devoured it and reminisced about their time in the game. Then, they headed to final tribal council. In the opening statements, Julie emphasized her social game and loyalty, while Lisa said that while she did flip, she wasn't afraid of making gutsy moves and doing what she thought was best. Chris asked them how they planned to spend the money; Julie said to pay off student loans and rent an apartment, while Lisa talked about putting it towards college for her kids. JP asked them to identify their biggest move in the game; Julie said instigating the vote against Leann, while Lisa said her flip against Dolly, the game's biggest strategic threat. Dolly berated Lisa for her lack of loyalty and insulted her harshly. Brady asked Lisa why she refused to vote out Julie at the final six, since that refusal resulted in her getting to the end; Lisa said she couldn't have anticipated Julie's immunity surge and that Brady was seen as too much of a threat. Rory ignored Julie and asked Lisa if their friendship meant so little that she was willing to cut his throat; Lisa explained that she didn't want to go up against him in a jury situation and that they had never made a final two deal. Scout gave a speech praising Julie's quiet and socially oriented, if a bit passive, game. Chad said that he had started the game in an effort to build a perfect society and asked them what they had done to create a better society during their time in the game. Julie said it was by making bonds with people, while Lisa said she had fostered a culture of never giving up. In the end, Julie won by a 6-1 decision, gaining all but Chris' vote.

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