Christy Smith Jaburu 1st voted out-Day 3 4
Deena Bennett Jaburu 2nd voted out-Day 6 4
Janet Koth Jaburu 3rd voted out-Day 9 4
Daniel Lue Tambaqui 4th voted out-Day 12 7
Butch Lockley Tambaqui Jaburu 5th voted out-Day 15 3
Ryan Aiken Tambaqui Jaburu 6th voted out-Day 18 3
Alex Ball Tambaqui Tambaqui Jacare Eliminated-Day 21 0
Jeanne Hebert Jaburu Jaburu

7th voted out-Day 24

1st Jury Member

Jenna Morasca Jaburu Jaburu

8th voted out-Day 27

2nd Jury Member

Dave Johnson Tambaqui Tambaqui

9th voted out-Day 30

3rd Jury Member

Roger Sexton Tambaqui Tambaqui

10th voted out-Day 33

4th Jury Member

Joanna Ward Jaburu Tambaqui

11th voted out-Day 36

5th Jury Member

Rob Cesternino Tambaqui Tambaqui

Eliminated-Day 37

6th Jury Member

Shawna Mitchell Jaburu Tambaqui

12th voted out-Day 38

7th Jury Member

Matthew von Ertfelda Tambaqui Jaburu Runner-Up 0
Heidi Strobel Jaburu Jaburu Sole Survivor 12

Episode 1: Battle of the Sexes

Sixteen castaways arrived at a small clearing in the Amazon Rainforest, where Jeff announced that the tribes would be split according to gender. Roger was excited about this because he assumed that his tribe would dominate. Under the leadership of Matthew, Tambaqui made a good shelter; Ryan and Dave were able to find a water source. At Jaburu, Christy announced that she was deaf, a big surprise to her tribemates. Heidi was afraid that she would be a liability. The women made a good shelter, but had a hard time finding water.

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe members were chained together and had to navigate through an obstacle course. After each station is completed, the tribes must gather a series of keys to unlock sections of a chain, which will be blocking the finish line. First tribe to unlock their chain and cross the finish line wins immunity.

Tambaqui won immunity, sending the women to tribal council. Heidi was able to convince Jenna, Shawna and Joanna to form an alliance with her to vote out Christy. Meanwhile, Janet, Jeanne and Deena voted for Shawna because they perceived her to be the weakest member. Christy was resolved to take out Heidi because the latter was gunning for the former. At tribal council, Christy was voted out 4-3-1.

Episode 2: Rain Falls on the Just and Unjust

Coming back from tribal council, Shawna was worried about the three votes she had received. Heidi assured her that the alliance was solid and that they would pick off the other women. The next day, a storm blew away the women's shelter because it was not sturdy enough. It was too stormy to gather wood, so the women were stuck outside. Meanwhile, the men were able to stay reasonably dry in their shelter. Roger told stories about growing up in the fifties, which were liked by most, but annoyed Daniel. Alex was annoyed that they were not able to strategize because they were confined to their shelter.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must designate a caller. The rest of the tribe members are blindfolded, and the caller must guide their tribemates so they can retrieve 30 designated giant puzzle pieces surrounded by obstacles. Once all 30 pieces are collect, the tribe members must remove their blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins reward.
    • Reward: Fishing gear.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes will be given two minutes to observe a traditional Amazon home. After the two minutes is up, Jeff will ask the tribe a series of questions about the Amazon home. The tribe that answers the most questions correctly wins immunity.

Tambaqui won reward and the fishing gear. Dave found the clue to the idol, but was unable to figure out the clues. Taking advantage of the women's weakened state, Tambaqui also won immunity. The older women attempted to get Joanna to flip to their side, while Deena was targeted by the younger women because she was perceived as being the most annoyiong. In the end, Shawna received three votes, but the majority held strong and Deena was sent packing. (4-3)

Episode 3: Is it at Least Biodegradable?

Though Shawna once again received three votes, she was not worried as she knew that her alliance was solid. The storm began to let up, and the women began to rebuild their shelter. Jeanne's contribution was outstanding. At Tambaqui, Matthew and Alex were the tribe's top fishermen. While fishing, the two made an alliance. Meanwhile, Daniel caught Dave looking for the idol. Using the fantastic powers of blackmail, Dave helped Daniel locate the idol. Daniel was the official owner and kept it for himself.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway will have a basket containing five items. The castaways must try to match one of their items with another castaway. The tribe with the most matches wins reward.
    • Reward: Personal hygine products.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will be locked inside a prison-like cage. In order to escape, the tribe members must untie a series of ropes in order to release a machete. Then the tribes must use their machete to cut through a rope, then they must undo another series of knots in order to release a plank, which will in turn release a pole. They must use the pole to retrieve a set of keys on the outside of the cage. Once the keys are collected, they must unlock their chainsand release their escape hatch. First tribe to open their escape hatch wins immunity.

Jaburu got their first win at the reward challenge. They washed in the river, angering the men, because the soap harmed the fish. This intensified the rivalry between the two tribes. Jenna was able to find the clue to the idol. The men continued to dominate the immunity challenges when they won their thrid in a row. The older women tried to scramble, but the majority held tight again. Janet was voted out 4-2.

Episode 4: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Jeanne knew that she was next on the chopping block over at Jaburu. She hoped for a tribe switch or an immunity win. Along with Heidi, Jenna found the idol. Heidi was excited because she knew that she could play Jenna and use the idol to her advantage. Over at Tambaqui, Daniel felt extremely cocky about his position in the tribe. His attitude annoyed Roger, who called him out on it. Meanwhile, Matthew caught a monkey and intended to cook it for the tribe. However, his plans were ruined when Butch informed him that eating monkey could lead to horrible diseases.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe had four ropes attached to a 30-foot tower. Each rope is attached to a fire-making station. The tribes must gather enough firewood in order to build a fire high enough to burn through all four ropes. Each time a rope is burned, a portion of a banner at the top of the tower is released. First tribe to burn through all four ropes and release their banner wins reward.
    • Reward: A refridgerator filled with iced Coca Cola.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will be given one hour to catch as many fish as they can without gear. The tribe that catches the most fish in one hour wins immunity.
    • Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe will also take home all the fish they had caught.

Jaburu won the reward in a close race. They divided the Coke up equally and everyone got a fair share. It became a bonding experience. They also won immunity, sending Tambaqui to their first tribal council. Back at camp, Dave told everyone of how Daniel had blackmailed him and gotten the idol. Though not all of the tribemembers believed the story, they were all fed up with Daniel's attitude. Daniel voted for Roger, but was unanimously blindsided with the idol in his pocket.

Episode 5: Switch it Up, Son

At what was supposed to be a reward challenge, Jeff announced that the tribes would now be mixed. The new tribes headed back to their camps. At Tambaqui, Joanna and Shawna fit in well with the men. Shawna established herself as a good fisher. However, Roger was upset that there were less men as he felt that the tribe was now weaker. At Jaburu, it was clear that it was men vs. women. The men built their own shelter to keep a sense of separation. However, Matthew did some providing, making him the favorite among the women.

  • Immunity Challenge: This challenge had two stages. In the first stage, the tribes must find five words and circle them in a wordsearch-like puzzle. Once they've found all five words, they must paddle to a small island in order to retrieve five flags corresponding to the five words. First tribe to cross the finish line with the correct flags wins immunity.

Tambaqui won immunity, forcing Jaburu to go to tribal council. A strategizing Heidi instructed Jenna and Jeanne to work along side the men so that she would be targeted. Just before tribal council, Heidi got the idol from Jenna. The men did indeed target Heidi for doing less work, but she played the idol. Butch, the gruffest of the men, was sent home 3-0.

Episode 6: Getting Spicy in the Amazon

Matthew and Ryan were angry that they had been outwitted by the women. They either needed to win the next immunity so that they could avoid tribal council or the next reward challenge in order to get a clue to the idol. The women, on the other hand, were excited that the plan had worked. The next day, Jeanne had thoughts of siding with the men after seeing all their hard work. The thoughts were augmented when they approached her and asked her to help them vote out Heidi. At Tambaqui, Roger made sexist statements to the women on the tribe, turning them against him. The women also complained that they did not have any cleaning supplies over at the new camp.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must square off against someone on the opposing tribe by balancing on a revolving log over a mud pit. The last castaway left standing on the log earns a point for their tribe. First tribe to score five points wins reward.
    • Reward: Spices, plus a bowl of fruit.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will be given a chunk of meat on a hook. With their hands tied behind their backs, the castaways must tear off pieces of meat using only their mouths. The castaways must then drop the meat on their tribe's scale. After ten minutes, the tribe with the most meat on their scale wins immunity.

Jaburu won the reward; however, Ryan and Matthew were unable to find the clue. When Heidi failed as well, it was concluded that the reward did not contain a clue. Tambaqui won the immunity challenge, sending Jaburu to another tribal council. Jeanne decided to side with the men, but changed her mind when Heidi told her that it would be a bad move to merge with less women than men. Because of that, Ryan was blindsided 3-2.

Episode 7: The Merge

Matthew was angry with Jeanne after tribal council. She explained her reasons, but it did little to bring down Matthew's anger. The next day, when the tribes gathered for a reward challenge, Jeff announced that the two tribes would be merging at a new beach. Matthew, Dave, Alex and Roger led the shelter building, while Jeanne and Shawna were hard workers. Jenna, who had assumed that the merge would be later, had left her stuff at the old Jaburu beach.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must stand onto a perch as long as they can. During the challenge, food items will be presented to the castaways in order to test their temptations. The last castaway left standing wins immunity.

Jeanne won immunity by outlasting Joanna and Roger. Back at camp, the Tambaqui men opted to join the Jaburu men with the condition that Joanna and Shawna would be the last women to go. The women all agreed to vote out Roger for his sexist comments. At tribal council, Roger and Heidi tied 5-5. After the revote was even, a purple rock tiebreaker was conducted. Alex turned out to be the unlucky one and left the game.

Episode 8: Sound Logic

Roger was happy that he was still around, but worried about the five votes he had received. However, he had no intention to tone down his comments or change his ways. Meanwhile, Cesternino and Dave were angry that they had lost their close ally Alex because of a cruel twist of fate. Heidi and Jenna felt completely safe until the final five. Dave and Cesternino began to convince Shawna to join the men and vote out Jeanne, a jury threat. A herd of capybaras stormed through camp, leaving a sizable rebuilding project to be done.

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge will start with the castaways divided into teams of three. While bounded by a bungee cord, the team members race through a pool of mud to collect five team-colored flags. First team to collect all five flags will move on to the final round. The final round is the same challenge, however the winning team members would compete individually in order to retrieve three flags. First person to collect three flags wins reward.
    • Reward: A cold bath, a banana split, and a brownie sundae.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway will have a mask attached with three ropes to a suspended log. The castaways will be asked a series of questions about Amazonian and Brazilian culture and survival skills. When a castaway answers a question correctly, they must cut through one of the ropes attached to their opponent's mask. Once all three of a castaways ropes are cut, the log will smash the mask, eliminating that player. Last castaway with their mask intact wins immunity.

Heidi won the reward over Joanna and Matthew. She chose to have Jenna join her on the reward, aggravating Shawna. Heidi was able to find the clue to the idol on the reward. Cesternino barely won immunity over Dave. Back at camp, Shawna was convinced to vote with the men and send Jeanne, who she had never had a good relationship with and was a jury threat, home. At tribal council, Roger received four votes, but Jeanne was blindsided 5-4, becoming the first member of the jury.

Episode 9: Rivals

Heidi, Jenna and Joanna angrily confronted Shawna after tribal council, leaving Shawna with even more feelings of resentment towards them. The men remained solid and, along with Shawna, intended to pick off the other women one by one. However, Heidi succeeded in finding the idol. Dave caught a capybara. The tribe ate well, but Matthew felt threatened as he had always been the tribe's provider. Heidi decided to capitalize on this and convinced Matthew to vote for Dave with the girls. Roger began to change his mind about the women. He apologized to them, but the women thought that his apology was fake. Matthew made his dislike for Dave known by picking a fight with him.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must use Amazonian weapons to hit a target. The four that hit closest to the bull's eye moves on to the second round. The second round was the same challenge, with the top two moving on to face off against each other. The castaway hitting closest to the bull's eye wins reward.
    • Reward: A trip to an Amazon coffee bar.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must compete in a four-round elimination race to eat native Amazonian dishes. First person to finish the final round (consisting of two castaways) wins immunity.

Jenna won the reward challenge and took Heidi along with her. While enjoying their coffee, Heidi told Jenna of the plan to use Matthew to blindside Dave. However, the plans were destroyed when Dave won immunity. The majority alliance did not have the luxury of splitting their votes, so they decided to try and get Jenna, for they thought that she was the least likely to have an idol. The women decided to vote Roger in hopes that Shawna would come back to them. At tribal council, Heidi played her idol without needing to. Jenna was voted out 5-3.

Episode 10: The Official Defection

Coming back from tribal, Matthew was upset that they may have lost their big chance to blindside Dave. Roger was also upset because he had received three votes, even though he thought that the women had accepted his apology. The next day, Matthew and Dave continued to butt heads, with Matthew as the culprit in starting most of the arguments. Meanwhile, Cesternino and Dave worried about Matthew's loyalty to the alliance. In reality, Matthew had promised to vote with Joanna and Heidi. At the survivor auction, Roger got a chocolate cake. Shawna got a small bag of chips. Heidi got three chocolate chips and a secret note in a bottle. Dave got two turkey legs. Cesternino got a letter from home. Matthew got a glass of beer and an energy bar. Joanna got her comfort item, a bible.

  • Immunity Challenge: Before the challenge, the castaways were instructed to fill out a questionnaire about their tribemates privately. For the challenge, when asked a question, the castaways must guess the most common answer. Each answer will be the name of a tribemate. First castaway to answer five questions correctly wins immunity.

Matthew barely won immunity over Shawna and Dave. Heidi's note turned out to be a clue to the idol, but she was unable to find it in the short amount of time. She shared the clue with Matthew, who did find it. The majority agreed to trust Matthew and decided that they should split the votes--three for Heidi, two for Joanna. They made a mistake in trusting Matthew. Assigned to vote Heidi, Matthew officially flipped to the minority, blindsiding Dave with a 3-2-2 vote and making him the third jury member.

Episode 11: I Get Nothing?

Cesternino, Shawna and Roger were shocked and angry at Matthew for flipping his vote. Matthew was equally passionate in his arguing that he had always been on the bottem of the alliance despite doing the most work. The two alliances separated themselves from each other and had minimal interaction. Roger and Cesternino were able to catch a boar but did not share it with the members of the tribe who were not in their alliance. Heidi and Joanna worried that Matthew was an unpredictable player but they were stuck with him because they needed his vote. Matthew made a new shelter for his alliance.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must start by retrieving a paddle buried in the sand. The two that didn't find a paddle will be eliminated from the challenge. The remaining four must then paddle out to a floating box, where they will find a survival-related question and bags filled with puzzle pieces. The castaways must then match the correct answer with the corresponding bag. If they answered correctly, their bag will contain the correct puzzle pieces that would form the shape of a snake. First person to assemble their puzzle wins reward.
    • Reward: Time at an Amazonian tribal village with a loved one.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must use a slingshot to crack plates with shuffleboard pucks inside. Then they must slide their pucks on the shuffleboard, aiming for the "X" at the end of the board. The number of plates they had broken will determine their number of pucks. The castaway whose puck lands closest to the "X" wins immunity.

Cesternino won the reward challenge and was asked by Jeff whether he wanted to keep the reward for himself or allow the others to go on the reward with their loved ones. Cesternino allowed everyone else to go on the reward, and he headed back to camp alone. Shawna won her first immunity challenge. Back at camp, the alliance of Roger, Cesternino and Shawna decided to vote for Matthew because they had seen Heidi get the note at the auction. They assumed that it was a clue to the idol and that she had found it. Seeing as it was the last night to play an idol, they did not want to vote for her. The secondary reason for voting Matthew was revenge. Meanwhile, the other alliance did not want to send Cesternino home after his heroic move, so they settled on Roger. After playing his idol at tribal, three votes against Matthew were negated. Roger became the fourth jury member by a 3-0 vote.

Episode 12

Shawna and Cesternino were shocked that Roger had been voted off as they headed back from tribal council. The tribes continued their voluntary separation by not surviving together and not talking to one another. However, Matthew tried to talk to the minority alliance. Cesternino and Shawna appreciated the effort. A storm came through camp, getting those in the makeshift shelter built by Matthew wet. They took cover in the main shelter, which reunited the tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways must start by untying knots in order to escape a cage. Once they escape, they must solve a puzzle. Once completed, they must swing across a riverbed to solve another puzzle. Once they've completed the puzzle, they must retrieve a set of keys while being propelled by a flying fox. First castaway to retrieve their keys wins reward.
    • Reward: A brand new Saturn Ion, plus a barbecue feast to be enjoyed with another tribemate.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must navigate a rope course, avoiding obstacles along the way, in order to retrieve five feathers. First castaway to retrieve their five feathers wins immunity.

Matthew won the reward and chose to take Cesternino on the reward since he had given up the last reward. Cesternino accepted the peace offering and the two had a wonderful time on the reward. Immunity was won by Matthew, continuing his good performance at the challenges. Heidi and Joanna informed Matthew that the vote would be for Cesternino, but Matthew refused. He had grown close with Cesternino on the reward. Cesternino convinced Matthew to vote for Joanna (who he was less close with than Heidi) and it was done. Joanna was voted out 3-2 and became the fifth jury member.

Episode 13: The Final Four

Heidi was furious at Matthew as the tribe headed back to camp. Matthew said that he had told her that he would not vote for Cesternino and that it was her own fault. However, he did say that if she promised to vote Shawna out next, he would join back with her. Desperate, Heidi agreed. Meanwhile, Cesternino felt good about his position.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must navigate through a maze blindfolded. The first castaway to retrieve four necklaces at stations within the maze and then find the immunity necklace wins immunity.

The plan was ruined when Shawna won immunity. Shawna and Cesternino were resolved to vote for Heidi, while Heidi was voting for Cesternino. Torn between two of his closest friends, Matthew chose to side with Heidi. Tied 2-2, Heidi won the fire building challenge, sending Cesternino to the jury. Heidi was happy with Matthew but did not trust him at all. He had flipped many times in the game. The next morning, a boat took the final three castaways on the rite of passage, where they honored their fallen comerades. They then went to the final immunity challenge.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must balance themselves on a narrow wooden perch. The last castaway standing wins immunity.

Shawna tried to make a deal with Matthew, but he would not budge. Matthew wound up winning immunity. He chose to take Heidi to the end, making Shawna the final member of the jury. Back at camp, Heidi told Matthew that she had regained his trust. Matthew began to make sexual advances on Heidi, which she accepted. The next day, the new couple enjoyed the final two feast. They walked into tribal holding hands, surprising Jeff. Jeanne asked Matthew why had had changed his alliance so much. Matthew said that he never saw alliances as binding and that it was an individual game. Jenna congratualated them on getting as far as they did and asked them what they would change about their game looking back. Matthew said that he would change nothing; Heidi said that she would change playing her idol when she did not need it. Dave called Matthew spineless and a dishonest person. He said that Heidi was a conniving bitch, but still not as bad as Matthew. Roger said that he understood Matthew's gameplay. He asked Heidi if it was difficult to overcome being a woman in the game. Heidi took great offense at this and refused to answer the question. Joanna asked Matthew why he had betrayed her. He said in order to save his friend Cesternino. She asked Heidi if she had known anything about the matter. Heidi honestly answered yes. Cesternino gave a long speech about Matthew, stating that while he had kept him around and taken him on a great reward, he had betrayed him, too. He said that Matthew was one of the great enigmas that the game had ever seen. Shawna asked what the strongest alliance each one had been a part of was. Matthew said the one with Ryan and Butch; Heidi said the one with Joanna, Shawna and Jenna. In the end, Heidi was declared the sole survivor. She received the votes of Jeanne, Jenna, Dave, Joanna and Shawna.