Lil Morris Morgan 1st voted out-Day 3 7
Sandra Diaz-Twine Drake 2nd voted out-Day 6 5
"Skinny" Ryan Shoulders Morgan 3rd voted out-Day 9 6

Darrah "D" Johnson

Morgan 4th voted out-Day 12 5
Trish Dunn Drake 5th voted out-Day 15 4
Tijuana "T" Bradley Morgan 6th voted out-Day 18 4
Michelle Tesauro Drake Balboa Eliminated-Day 21 0
Shawn Cohen Drake

7th voted out-Day 24

1st Jury Member

Burton Roberts Drake

8th voted out-Day 27

2nd Jury Member

Rupert Boneham Drake

9th voted out-Day 30

3rd Jury Member

Christa Hastie Drake

10th voted out-Day 33

4th Jury Member

Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton Drake 11th voted out-Day 36 7
Andrew Savage Morgan Eliminated-Day 37 6
Nicole Delma Morgan 12th voted out-Day 38 4
Ryan "Ryno" Opray Morgan Runner-Up 9
Osten Taylor Morgan Sole Survivor 3

Episode 1: Scrambled Eggheads

Sixteen castaways were divided into two tribes on a boat outside a Panamanian fishing village. Jeff instructed them to go and buy the things they needed with one hundred Balboas. Osten and Savage tricked vendors into selling their wares to them at low prices and stole from those who wouldn't budge. As a result, Morgan had a better camp. Both tribes were able to build decent shelters due to the fact that they had bought many things to help them. At Morgan, Rupert stepped up as the leader of his tribe, a gesture that Shawn thought was unnecessary. Meanwhile, an alliance formed between Christa and Burton.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe must transport a cannon through the jungle along a course that runs from one side of the island to the other. Along the course, the castaways must avoid several obstacles. The first tribe to bring their cannon to the finish line wins immunity.

Drake won immunity, sending Morgan to the first tribal council. The tribe agreed that Lil was the weakest and that she needed to go. At tribal council, Lil was voted out 7-1.

Episode 2: Thievery on the Starboard Bough!

Osten wondered why he had been chosen by Lil to go home instead of some weaker competitors. He figured that it must have been some social aspect and resolved to stay under the radar for the remainder of the game. He joined the majority alliance with Savage, Nicole and T and kept his mouth shut. Alliance leader Savage decided to let Ryno in as a fifth member due to his being a strong competitor, but kept him out of the core group. Meanwhile at Drake, Sandra was not doing any work and Jonny Fairplay said that she was just like all the other Mexicans, causing a huge argument. Meanwhile, Rupert creeped out his tribemates.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe has a designated treasure chest underwater. Each player must dive into the ocean to retrieve a pre-praced item and put it into their tribe's treasure chest. Once all the items are in the chest, the contestants, as a tribe, must grab the chest and swim it to the shore. First tribe to bring their chest to the shore wins reward.
  • Reward: Both tribes were given a shovel. Probst explained that there is an actual treasure buried at each camp. The winning tribe would be given the first of three pieces to a map that will help them find the treasure. In addition, the winning tribe would have to send one member to the losing tribe's camp. The chosen member would have the right to take one item from the losing tribe's camp.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe would capture three members of the opposing tribe. The other castaways must try to free their captured tribemates, and then overcome a series of obstacles in order to raise their flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins immunity.

Morgan won the reward, receiving the shovel and the chest. T was chosen to go the the Drakes, where she took a cooking pot. Morgan won the immunity challenge, too. Back at Drake, it was a toss up between lazy Sandra, racist Jonny Fairplay and creepy Rupert. Despite Fairplay's racism, Sandra was voted out 5-2-1.

Episode 3: Crazy Drunks

Rupert was angry that he had received a vote at tribal council. He swore to find whoever had done it and vote them out. Trish, the voter, did not speak up, fearing that Rupert would harm her. Burton said that Rupert was acting like an alcoholic stepdad in his mid forties. At Morgan, Savage had a dream about the treasure chest, imagining pornographic magazines and Coors Lite, his favorite beer. The next morning he went off by himself to look for the chest despite not having the full map. He failed.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe was given two boats and a fisherman's grappling hook. They must try to sink both of the opposite tribe's boats. The hooks could be used to remove plugs that covered holes along the sides of each boat. The last tribe still floating wins reward.
    • Reward: Blankets, matresses, pillows and a piece of the map to the buried treasure.
  • Immunity Challenge: The strongest member of each tribe must suspend the smallest member above the ocean using a rope and pulley system. The first person to drop the rope and their suspended tribemate would lose immunity.

Drake won the reward challenge, getting the first piece of their map. Michelle found the clue to the idol, which she shared with Burton in order to get his help. He helped her find it and agreed to keep it between them; however, he told Christa. Drake also won the immunity challenge, forcing Morgan to go to tribal council.The majority wanted Skinny Ryan gone, and Darrah went along with it. Ryan was voted off 6-1.

Episode 4: Vindication! Sweet Vindication!

Coming back from tribal, T realized that the whole tribe was pretty tight at this point. She decided to not acquiesce to her alliance and just do what she thought was best. That night, Ryno had a dream about the location of the treasure chest. His dream turned out to be clairvoyant and he found the chest the next morning. There was Coors Lite for Savage, but no Playboys. It was also full of other necessities: food and water, a tarp, fishing gear. Nicole found a clue to the idol in the chest. At Drake, Rupert suspected that Burton had been the one to vote against him. He launched a crusade against Burton and attempted to sabatoge him in all his jobs. Some were annoyed by Rupert, but others felt that Rupert was too valuable around camp to vote out and wouldn't mind voting out Burton to end the conflict.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must retrieve sixteen puzzle pieces; eight buried in the sand and eight hidden out at sea. The tribes must collect all sixteen pieces in order to solve a puzzle. First tribe to solve their giant puzzle wins reward.
    • Reward: A sewing kit and a piece of the map to the buried treasure.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must cross a human checkerboard over water. When a castaway is face-to-face with an opposing tribe member, a hand-to-hand clash would occur. Whichever castaway loses balance first will have to start over. First tribe to get all of their members across wins immunity. In addition, the winning tribe will have the right to kidnap a member of the opposing tribe.

Drake won the reward and received another piece of their map. Unortunately, they had no luck finding it. The sewing kit proved to be useful around camp. Christa found the clue to the idol, but she did not need it since she knew that Michelle already had it. Drake also won immunity, disappointing Rupert, who wanted to vote out Burton. At Morgan, T decided to side with her close friend Darrah, the next intended target. They tried to get Ryno and Nicole to change their votes to Osten. At tribal council, the majority held and Darrah was voted out 4-2.

Episode 5: Keep it Down!

Savage knew that it was T who had voted for Osten because of her close friendship with Darrah. Savage told her that she had made a big mistake and that she was next on the chopping block, meaning Ryno had moved up a spot. Meanwhile, Osten wondered what was wrong with his game. The next day, Ryno utilized the tribe's new fishing gear and caught a lot of fish. He also began to make and rig a series of traps in order to catch boars. While his providing was appreciated, the rest of the tribe thought he was overworking. Over at Drake, Burton tried to get support to vote out Rupert. Knowing that he had the votes of Christa and Trish, Michelle and Fairplay were his targets.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must retrieve rungs for a ladder from the water. In addition, they must retrieve a golden idol hidden in an old Spanish well in the jungle. First tribe to assemble their ladder and place the golden idol at the top of their platform wins reward.
    • Reward: A portable shower, a pot for boiling water, two jerrycans, rain jackets, sponges, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must spin a wheel, which will determine which two ingredients would be blended together for them to drink. The ingredients were red shellfish, sardines, razor clams, bleeding clams, sea water, squid, mango, rock oysters, conch and an ingredient of Jeff's choice. The first person unable to keep their concoction down will lose immunity for their whole tribe.

Drake won the reward challenge, giving them the third piece of their map. They found the chest and found similar contents to what was in Morgan's chest. Trish lost immunity for Drake after she could not keep down her drink. Back at camp, people were torn over who to vote off. Though it was intended to be a showdown between Rupert and Burton, the rest of the tribe couldn't deny Trish's lack of performance. She was voted out 4-2-1.

Episode 6: Let's go Bananas!

With Christa and Burton as the only true alliance at Drake, Michelle, Shawn and Fairplay knew that they would need to choose a side should they lose another immunity challenge. The next day, Rupert tried his hand at making alliances with the three swing votes, but no one wanted to go with him. Meanwhile, Burton just did his best around camp to prove his worth. At Morgan, Ryno continued to struggle in making his traps. Meanwhile, Savage found a banana tree and brought it back for his tribe. Nicole was finally able to find the idol.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must fire a cannon and try to hit designated targets. First tribe to hit all of their designated targets wins reward.
    • Reward: A grill, spices, lobster and steak.
  • Immunity Challenge: Tribe members would be forced to hold a pole on their shoulders behind their neck. Periodically, weight would be added to the poles. The castaways would decide which poles the weight would added on for the opposing tribe. Last tribe standing wins immunity.

Drake won the reward challenge and thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The protein came in handy as they won the immunity challenge, too. T tried to get people to help her vote out Ryno, but Savage's vendetta against her was too strong. She was voted out 4-1.

Episode 7: The Merge

The Morgan tribe was worried about numbers heading into the merge. The next day when the tribes gathered for the reward challenge, the merge was announced. They decided to live on the Drake beach and name the tribe Balboa. After the merge feast, Savage and Ryno concluded that they would not be able to align with anyone on Drake because their personalities were incompatible.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must pull themselves along a rope under a floating wood platform without coming up for air. The challenge ran in two heats. The two winners of each heat would compete against each other in the final heat. The winner of the final heat wins individual immunity.

Osten won immunity over Burton in a close race. Back at camp, Savage was able to figure out that Rupert was going to vote for Burton no matter what. He hatched a plan to have his alliance vote for Burton to get a tie and perhaps there would be hope in the purple rock tiebreaker. Meanwhile, Drake decided to vote for Ryno, who they thought was annoying. At tribal council, the plan worked, and Ryno and Rupert tied 5-5. They remained tied at the revote, so a purple rock tiebreaker was conducted. Michelle drew the purple rock. She left the game with the idol.

Episode 8: Idol Play

Burton thought that Morgan's move at tribal council was good strategy and worried that he would be the next one out. Meanwhile, Savage feigned an alliance with Shawn and told him that Skinny Ryan had had the idol before they voted him out. Christa was angry that she had lost her good friend Michelle. Ryno rigged some more traps in the jungle, but they did not get anything. Everyone thought that Ryno could have been more productive.

Reward Challenge: The challenge was done in three heats. Each castaway would use a slingshot to fire marbles at targets. Whenever a target is hit, it will ignite a flame that would climb to the next target. The first person from each heat to hit their three targets in ascending order would move on to the final round. The first person in the final round to hit their three targets wins reward.

  • Reward: Pancakes and maple syrup, bacon and eggs sweet rolls, orange juice to enjoyed in a remote, attractive location.
  • Immunity Challenge: The Immunity Challenge involved a trivia test based on local pirate lore Each castaway who answers correctly would get to place coconuts in the bins of those who answered incorrectly. When a castaway receives five coconuts, they are out of the challenge. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Christa won the reward and chose to take Burton. They enjoyed a nice breakfast. Burton saved himself by winning the immunity challenge. The Drake alliance decided to trust Shawn when he told them that they didn't have an idol. They wanted to vote for Ryno again. Meanwhile, Nicole gave her idol to Ryno to play. Luckily, it turned out well for the Morgans. Ryno played his idol, negating the five votes cast against him. Shawn was blindsided 4-0, making him the first jury member.

Episode 9: Pizza Pia

Burton was angry with himself that he had trusted Shawn and voted unstrategically. He hoped that Rupert understood that the two of them had to unite if they wanted to stay in the game. Rupert, however, wasn't thinking about the game. He just wanted to catch a lot of fish. Savage made it clear to his alliance that they could not let a Drake win immunity, lest they give it to Burton and force a deadlock.

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge took place at the wreck of an old Spanish galleon. The castaways must team up in pairs to complete two rounds. Each pair must race up a cargo net, and then swing on a rope to the other side of the ship. Then they must climb up to a crow's nest and slide down a large canvas sail. The winning pairs would then play against each other, but to make it more difficult, they must carry bags of puzzle pieces that they must assemble at the end of the course. The pair to win the final round wins reward.
    • Reward: A trip on a luxury catamaran with pizza and beer.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must use a blowgun. Each castaway was designated an area on a large target. The castaways must try to use their blowgun to knock out the other player's darts into the other castaways areas. Last player left in the challenge wins immunity.

Burton and Ryno won the reward challenge and enjoyed their beer and pizza. Burton tried to get information from Ryno, but Ryno revealed nothing. Savage won the immunity challenge. Back at camp, the Morgans told Rupert to vote for Burton, which he went along with enthusiastically. The Drakes tried to convince Rupert of the gravity of the vote and to vote for Nicole, but to no avail. Burton was voted out 5-3 and became the second jury member.

Episode 10: Mutiny!

Fairplay and Christa were livid with Rupert after tribal council. However, they believed him when he told them that he was still with the Drakes. They decided that they needed as many allies as they could get. The next day, they tried convincing a Morgan to flip but made no progress. Ryno finally caught a baby boar with one of his traps, which the tribe roasted for dinner that night. Rupert was much happier since the departure of Burton.

  • Reward Challenge: Probst brought the castaways' loved ones to the challenge. The castaways would ask questions about themselves. Both the castaways and their loved ones would write down an answer. When the two answers matched, the castaway would get to choose which loved one to take a step towards walking off a plank, falling into the ocean. The last loved one left gets to stay at the Balboa camp for a day.
    • Reward: A day with a loved one.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway has a board with three words on it broken up by letters "SURVIVOR PEARL ISLANDS". The castaways must use the letters to form twenty new words. Words must be in English and must be spelled correctly. Plurals, proper names, acronyms are not allowed as well as "SURVIVOR", "PEARL" and "ISLANDS" are not allowed as well. If a castaway broke any of these rules, the castaway would be eliminated from the challenge. First player to form twenty words spelled correctly wins immunity.

Savage won the reward challenge and got to spend the day with his wife. They also received a clue to the idol, which they were able to find. After his wife left, the castaways went to an immunity challenge. Nicole won. Back at camp, the Drakes scrambled around looking for the idol, but they failed. They decided to try and vote out Savage. The Morgans wanted Rupert gone because of his overbearing personality. At tribal council, Rupert was voted out and became the third jury member.

Episode 11: Put Back My Traps!

Fairplay and Christa were glad that Rupert went home instead of them, but were still unhappy about their situation. The Morgans were too tight to break up and had a big majority. Fairplay decided to wreak havoc around camp by taking down all of Ryno's traps. In the morning, Ryno flipped out and had a huge meltdown, alienating his tribemates.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would compete in teams of three. Beginning on a platform in the water, one team member would cross a balance beam, then dive underwater to retrieve paddles tied to floating boxes. The other two must then untie three barrels from an underwater cable and move on to a ladder, where the last paddle is tied. All three team members would then jump into the water to retrieve their designated boat and then they would race the boat to the first floating platform. First team to touch the platform wins reward.
    • Reward: A night at a spa where the team would enjoy a shower and a massage followed by dinner.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway would use old muskets to shoot at designated targets covered with kerosene. First castaway to set all three of their targets ablaze wins immunity.

Ryno, Christa and Fairplay won the reward. Things were tense around Ryno, but Christa and Fairplay had a good time together. Back at camp, Nicole, Osten and Savage were glad to have the outsiders and the crazy one in their alliance away from camp for a while. At the immunity challenge, Ryno took home victory. Back at camp, Fairplay and Christa made their cases as to why they should stay. At tribal council, Savage played his idol, even though he got no votes. The Morgans deemed Christa a bigger threat and voted her out 5-1, making her the fourth jury member.

Episode 12: Protein Plunder

Fairplay knew that he needed to win every remaining immunity to have any shot at the money. Savage hatched a plan that involved giving Fairplay very little protein for the challenges. That meant not telling him when a fish was caught and preventing him from going on the reward. In turn, Fairplay refused to help out around camp or do any work, aggravating Ryno.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway must untie themselves from a post, find a key buried in the sand, escape from a jail cell, fire a slingshot at plates, and then solve a puzzle. First castaway to complete the challenge wins reward.
    • Reward: A night in Panama City where the winner and the invitee would camp out in ruins and enjoy a feast.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must use a canteen to pour water in a tube that will lift a key to open a lock. The lock releases a rope, allowing the castaway to lower a plank into the water. First castaway to lower five planks and walk them wins immunity.

Fairplay won the reward challenge and chose to take Osten, who he thought antagonized him the least. Osten did his job by hogging most of the protein rich foods, but Fairplay got plenty of protein. At the immunity challenge, it was a showdown between Osten and Fairplay. In the end, Osten won. Knowing that he was cooked, Fairplay took a long nap and took a crap in the shelter. After giddily revealing these things at tribal council, he was voted out 4-1 and became the fifth jury member.

Episode 13: The Final Four

The final four had a small celebration knowing that it was the former Morgan tribe in the final four. They also talked about how hard it would be to vote someone out. Osten said in a confessional that he was voting with Savage. The next morning, they received letters from home.

  • Immunity Challenge: The challenge would be a test of survival and pirate folklore knowledge. In a twist, the final four castaways would be competing against each other and the jury, which will be playing as a team. Should the jury win, none of the final four castaways would be immune. Should one of the remaining castaways win, that castaway would be safe from elimination.

Osten won immunioty, guarenteeing himself a place in the final four. Ryno and Savage tied 2-2, so a firebuilding contest was held. Ryno won, sending Savage home and making him the sixth jury member. Coming back from tribal council, Osten apologized to Ryno for voting for him. Ryno said that he didn't mind. They made a final two deal. The next morning, the final three went on the rite of passage to pay respects to the islands and their fallen tribemates. They then went to the final immunity challenge.

  • Immunity Challenge: The final three must balance themselves on a small raft floating in the water. They could use their hands and feet for balance, but not their behind or knees. Last castaway on their raft wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final two.

Osten won the challenge, giving him four immunities for the game. At tribal council, both Nicole and Ryno argued why they should be taken to the end. Osten decided to take Ryno because he felt he could more easily win against him. Nicole became the final jury member. The next day at camp, Ryno and Osten enjoyed the traditional final two breakfast. They then went to final tribal council. Shawn asked Osten why he tried so hard to fly under the radar. Osten said because he had received a vote early on and didn't want to put himself out there as much. Shawn then made fun of Ryno's traps, prompting Ryno to make a comeback, angering Shawn. Burton asked them how they knew to vote for him in order to get Rupert's vote. They both said that Rupert had complained about him a lot. Rupert asked them why they had voted him out. Osten said because of physical strength; Ryno said because he was annoying. Christa asked what they would do with the money. Osten said he had some bills to pay off and would buy a car; Ryno said that he would buy a house in Santa Monica. Fairplay asked them what they had done with the dump he had taken. Everyone laughed and he didn't get a real answer. Savage asked Ryno why he had voted for him instead of Nicole. Ryno said that it was because Savage had been a better player by leading the tribe. Nicole congratualted both of them and said that she had heard all that she needed to hear. In the end, Osten won, getting everyone but Christa's vote.