Name Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Received
Willard Smith Eliminated

Day 2

Wanda Shirk Eliminated

Day 2

Caryn Groedel Ulong 1st Voted Out

Day 3

James Miller Koror 2nd Voted Out

Day 6

Janu Tornell Koror 3rd Voted Out

Day 8

Angie Jakusz Ulong 4th Voted Out

Day 11

Bobby Jon Drinkard Ulong Ulong 5th Voted Out

Day 14

Jolanda Jones Koror Ulong 6th Voted Out

Day 15

Ashlee Ashby Koror Koror 7th Voted Out

Day 15

Ian Rosenberger Koror Ulong 8th Voted Out

Day 18

Katie Gallagher Ulong Koror Ulror 9th Voted Out

Day 21

Jeff Wilson Koror Koror Ulror 10th Voted Out

1st Jury Member

Day 24

Kim Mullen Ulong Ulong Ulror 11th Voted Out

2nd Jury Member

Day 27

Tom Westman Ulong Koror Ulror 12th Voted Out

3rd Jury Member

Day 30

Gregg Carey Ulong Koror Ulror 13th Voted Out

4th Jury Member

Day 33

Jonathan Libby Ulong Ulong Ulror 14th Voted Out

5th Jury Member

Day 36

Stephenie LaGrossa Ulong Ulong Ulror 15th Voted Out

6th Jury Member

Day 37

Ibrehem Rahman Koror Koror Ulror 16th Voted Out

7th Jury Member

Day 38

Jenn Lyon Koror Ulong Ulror Runner-up 8
Coby Archa Koror Koror Ulror Sole Survivor 6

Episode 1

20 Americans arrived on the beach in Palau with one common goal: to earn the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars that came with it. They were not divided into tribes to start the game, so the castaways built a common shelter and began to make connections. The next day, Jeff had the contestants race through the woods to find two idols, one for a man and one for a woman. Ibrehem found the men's, while Stephenie found the women's. Jeff explained that the idols would provide immunity at their tribe's first tribal council and that the two finders would also get first pick in the tribe selection, with the most recently chosen castaway taking the next pick. Ultimately, Wanda and Willard were not chosen, and they exited the game. The tribes went off to their respective beaches as a heavy rain storm moved in. Koror worked well together to get a shelter built, but Ulong was beset by arguments, especially between alpha males Bobby Jon and Gregg.

  • Reward/Immunity challenge: Castaways will be on an obstacle course involving a jungle race, a cargo net crawl and a tire run. The tribe members would then arrive at a supply dump, where they would gather valuable supplies. The tribes would choose which items they want to race with. The next obstacle was a 10-foot (3.0 m) wall that the Survivors would need to get themselves and their supplies over. They would then wade through a waist-deep swamp before dropping the supplies on beach mats. The final leg would be an outrigger race on the water to retrieve their tribe flag. The first tribe to cross the finish line with their tribe flag wins all supplies they chose from the supply dump as well as Immunity

Koror won the challenge after taking only the flint as they moved through the course. Tom and Gregg, who had insisted on Ulong taking more than they could carry, felt responsible for the loss, but they didn't give up the scramble. Despite tensions across the camp, the men made an appeal to keeping the tribe strong, and Caryn, the oldest woman, was voted out unanimously.

Episode 2

Bonded closer together by their first tribal council experience, Ulong woke up the next morning and worked well together, with tribe harmony at an all-time high. With an even gender slpit, an all-male alliance began to form, spearheaded by Gregg. Bobby Jon remained wary of his tribemate, however, and Jonathan knew that allying with only strong males wouldn't be his best play going forward. At Koror, things were also going well. Ian fashioned a fishing spear out of supplies around camp and caught a few fish, much to the tribe's pleasure. Meanwhile, a good looking alliance of Jenn, Ashlee and Jeff began to form, strategizing over who could be pulled in.

  • Reward challenge: Castaways were to run through a "gauntlet" bridge, requiring them to cross several floating obstacles over water in order to collect flags on the other side. As they were crossing, two opposing tribe members would be hurling swinging bags of sand at them all the while. If knocked off, the player would be forced to go back to the beginning. The first tribe to collect all 10 of their flags wins fishing spear, and a snorkeling set; if Ulong wins, they will receive flint.

Ulong won the challenge, earning the fishing gear as well as flint. Back at camp, Gregg attempted to provide fish for his tribe but failed. However, Stephenie and Tom both had success, annoying him. Meanwhile, Ian caught just as many fish for Koror with his DIY spear.

  • Immunity challenge: Two heavy foot lockers, filled with mess kits, were resting on the ocean floor. Each tribe must swim out to a marker buoy, dive down, find a rope attached to the foot locker, then pull it 50 feet (15 m) across the ocean floor. Once the foot locker reaches the start point, the tribes must unlatch the lockers, thus releasing the mess kits. Each tribe member would retrieve one mess kit, then swim back to the beach. Each mess kit had a Morse code letter inscribed on it. The first tribe to decipher the Morse code and spell out the mystery word ("immunity") wins Immunity.

Ulong won its second straight challenge and first immunity, sending Koror to tribal council for the first time. With the game having barely started, there was an idea to vote out Coby, who had gained a reputation as a bully and a gossip. However, the good looking alliance pounced on this alienation, pulling in Coby and his closest ally Janu to vote out the loose cannon James via a 5-4 vote.

Episode 3

Back at camp, Jolanda was incredulous with the vote out and demanded to know who had flipped. She got her answer but was still mad. Meanwhile, Ian worried that his providing abilities weren't enough to keep him in the game. The next day, a wild boar came running through Koror's camp; Jeff attempted to catch it but ended up wiping out on the process, getting clotheslined by a tree limb. Over at Ulong, life was excellent. Fish was plentiful and the shelter was constantly being improved. However, four alpha-male personalities on the tribe often led to tense moments and awkward situations of out-broishness. Kim wondered if the women had made a mistake in taking out Caryn.

  • Reward challenge: Members from each tribe would race into the water to retrieve a safety ring. The first tribe member to fight off the opposition and swim the ring to their designated buoy would get a point. The battles would be one-on-one as well as two-on-two. The first tribe to score three wins a sewing kit.

Ulong won its third straight challenge, thanks to an outstanding effort by Jonathan over Ian in the final round. While examining the sewing kit, Jonathan found the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which he quickly found buried under a log near his tribe's pond. The Koror tribe, meanwhile, was angry at having lost another challenge, with Ian worried that his failure to deliver might put him on the chopping block. He steeled his resolve for the following day's immunity challenge.

  • Immunity challenge: The tribes would partake in a beach run, clipped to each other by a rope and carrying backpacks with 20 pounds of sandbag weight. The tribes would begin at opposite sides of an oval course. After Jeff Probst's go-signal, the tribes would race to catch up to one another. Any tribe members who fell behind could unclip from the rope and drop out of the race, but they would be forced to pass their sandbag to another player, who must carry the extra weight. The first tribe to catch up to the other tribe and tag them would gain Immunity.

Ulong won its fourth challenge in a row, sending Koror to another tribal council. Ashlee was vocal about getting rid of one of the non-alliance members, but Jenn and Jeff worried that they needed Ibrehem, Ian and Jolanda to break the losing streak. Worrying that Ashlee would prove too stubborn, the two Js linked up with the three outsiders to blindside Janu with a 5-3 vote over Jolanda.

Episode 4

Coby was livid upon arriving back at camp, swearing to personally snuff Jenn and Jeff's torches. He spent the night alone, worrying over his state in the game. In the morning, however, he linked up with Ashley, trying to officially turn her against the two Js. Over at Ulong, Tom bothered the tribe with his bossiness. Jonathan also started to tire of his tribemates, addressing them tersely. Stephenie, Kim and Katie saw an opening and discussed getting one of the guys to flip and vote out one of their own.

  • Reward challenge: Tribes will be given a crate full of tools (courtesy of Home Depot) and will be tasked to create a bathroom for their camp. Host Jeff Probst andSurvivor production designer Jesse will then judge both bathrooms. The tribe that has the better bathroom wins a new shelter, picnic table and a patio.

With Ian leading the design, Koror won its first challenge since the first episode. Their campsite became greatly improved, giving them the edge in this regard for the first time of the game. In addition, Coby stumbled upon the clue to the hidden immunity idol while poking around in a basket from the reward. He searched for a bit but came up empty. Meanwhile, Bobby Jon proved his worth at Ulong, catching a ton of fish for the tribe.

  • Immunity challenge: Tribes would face off in a series of one-on-one sumo-style battles. The Survivors would use padded duffel bags to knock their adversaries out of a ring and into the sea. The first tribe to win six bouts would take Immunity.

Koror won its second challenge in a row, sending Ulong to tribal council for the first time in more than a week. Afraid to shake up the game with any major strategy, the men decided to stick together and vote for Angie, viewed as the outsider. The women, meanwhile, opted to stick together and vote for Tom, citing his annoying behavior and his potential as a threat down the line. There was a lot of lobbying on both sides, with Bobby Jon, Gregg and all three girls facing pressure to turn. At tribal council, Tom and Angie tied 4-4, but Katie and Kim flipped at the revote, sending Angie home 5-1.

Episode 5

Coming back from tribal council, Stephenie felt isolated from the rest of the tribe. The other girls had sacrificed the numbers just to oust the social outside, which annoyed her. Meanwhile, Tom was worried about almost getting voted out and resolved to take a more subdued role in the tribe. At the reward challenge, Probst dropped a bomb: he announced a tribe switch. He told each tribe member to grab an egg and break it on their skin -- brown meaning Koror and blue meaning Ulong. The new Koror consisted of Ashlee, Ibrehem, Coby, Jeff, Gregg, Katie and Tom, while the new Ulong consisted of Bobby Jon, Kim, Jonathan, Stephenie, Jolanda, Jenn and Ian.

  • Reward challenge: Using an old authentic machine gun, tribe members would take turns shooting tribe-colored tiles. The first tribe to take out eight of their targets would win an excursion to a stinger-free jellyfish lake with a feast of Pringles and Mai Tai.

The new Ulong won the challenge, largely thanks to Bobby Jon's superior marksmanship skills. The tribe bonded on the reward, with Jenn, recently separated from her allies, forming an instant friendship with Jonathan. Meanwhile, Ian was impressed by stories of Bobby Jon's providing and resolved to try and compete with him. Over at Koror, Gregg and Tom immediately made themselves at home and tried to force their ways onto the tribe, annoying Jeff. Meanwhile, Coby continued his search for the idol and came close, though he was again unsuccessful.

  • Immunity challenge: Tribes will be given wood and rope and 20 minutes to construct an impenetrable fortress to protect the already-bound foot locker. After 20 minutes, the tribes would race to break into the fortress constructed by the opposing tribe and rescue their flag. The first tribe to capture their flag and hoist it up a flagpole wins Immunity.

The new Koror won immunity, sending Ulong to tribal council. Jonathan decided to gun for Bobby Jon, who was becoming too well-liked as the individual phase approached. After locking in a plan with Kim and Stephenie, he tried to convince Jenn to join his voting bloc in the coup. Jenn initially wanted to stick with her old tribemates, but Jonathan showed her his hidden immunity idol, sealing her trust before tribal council. At tribal, Jenn went with Jonathan, Kim and Stephenie to blindside Bobby Jon 4-2-1.

Episode 6

Ian was miffed as he came back from tribal, wondering why Jenn had chosen to act along instead of trying to preserve original Koror. Still, he was happy with the result. The next day, Coby finally found the hidden immunity idol at Koror.

  • Reward/Immunity challenge: The tribes would compete separately for individual immunity. The castaways would be attached to a rope threaded through obstacles which they would have to climb under, over, or around. The first person from each tribe to win will be immune from the vote. Then the two winners will be competing in the final round. The final round's challenge would be the same, but with a single obstacle three levels high. The first castaway to complete the obstacle would win reward for their tribe consisting of Nashville hot chicken and root beer floats to be enjoyed at the opposing tribe's Tribal Council.

Tom won the challenge for Koror, while Ian won the challenge for Ulong. In the final round, Ian beat Tom to secure the Nashville hot chicken meal for his tribe. Back at Koror, Tom listened to Ibrehem's stories of Jeff and Ashlee's power position from before the switch and invited him to vote with the old Ulong. Meanwhile, Coby wanted to take the opportunity to blindside Jeff, who had taken out his biggest ally in Janu. Jeff attempted to keep his old tribemates together, consolidating Ashlee's vote and trying to convince Ibrehem that Gregg was the biggest threat in the game. On Ulong, the alliance of Jonathan, Jenn, Kim and Stephenie viewed Jolanda as the logical target in lieu of Ian. At tribal council, the writing was on the wall, and she was voted out 5-1. After that, Ulong grabbed their heaping plates of Nashville hot chicken as Koror filed into tribal council. There, Ibrehem joined the old Ulong in voting out Ashlee, who was viewed as a bigger challenge liability than Jeff or Coby, in a 4-2-1 vote.

Episode 7

Back at Ulong, Ian worried about his standing with the tribe. He provided the most for them but was the only person going up against a tight alliance of four. Meanwhile, Jonathan knew that with a merge on the way soon, Ian would be the next logical target at tribal council. At Koror, Coby confronted Tom and Katie over their missing an opportunity to take out Jeff. While they had initially wanted to take out Jeff next, they wondered if Coby's confrontational attitude made him a better choice.

  • Reward challenge: Tribes must construct an SOS signal. The most creative yet recognizable signal wins a plane that will airdrop a crate full of additional camping supplies, some food and sewing supplies.

Thanks to Ian's creativity with the signaling, Ulong won the challenge in a land slide. Ian found a clue to the hidden immunity idol, unaware that Jonathan already had the real article. He found the spot where it had been, but mostly just inspired the ridicule from his tribemates. Meanwhile at Koror, Jeff knew he had to ensure his stay in the game. He appealed to Ibrehem and Coby to join up with Katie and send Gregg to the jury, unaware that he was unpopular with all those players.

  • Immunity challenge: Two tribemates must manipulate a giant sliding puzzle while the last tribe member will act as their caller. The first team to finish their puzzle (a sea star) wins Immunity.

Koror won immunity again, sending Ulong back to tribal council. Back at camp, Ian lobbied hard for his stay, touting his work ethic and trying to convince Stephenie and Kim to overthrow the quickly developing power couple of Jonathan and Jenn. Despite Ian's warnings, Stephenie and Kim opted to stay with the majority and oust Ian unanimously.

Episode 8

Coming back from tribal council, the Ulong alliance celebrated its survival together but worried about losing the numbers. They hoped for a merge soon. Indeed, they received tree mail telling them to head to Koror for a merge feast. They surprised their former competitors, and the new tribe of ten named itself Ulror. Gregg and Tom attempted to reconnect with Jonathan, but he was evasive when asked what had happened to Bobby Jon. Meanwhile, the tribe feasted on various foods. Ibrehem found the clue to the idol on a picnic basket, unaware that Coby had already found it.

  • Immunity challenge: Castaways balanced on a narrow perch while holding a handle. If a castaway removed a hand or a foot, they were eliminated; the last castaway remaining won immunity.

The first individual challenge was a test of endurance. In the end, Gregg won, earning his safe passage to the final nine. Back at camp, Tom, Gregg, Katie and Ibrehem wanted to bring in Jonathan and Stephenie to round out the alliance and claim a six-person majority. Jonathan considered the option, but he trusted Jenn and Kim more than anyone else in the game. Meanwhile, Jenn used her flirtation skills to win back Jeff, adding him to her alliance of four. Gregg tried to get him to stay with the switched tribes, but Jeff was not receptive, saying that they had treated him like garbage. With five set and Coby safely out of the loop, the majority voted out Katie, sending her home via a 5-4-1 vote.

Episode 9

Tom confronted Jonathan after tribal, with Jonathan basically rebuffing him and drawing a line in the sand in terms of alliances. Knowing he had to go to work, he redoubled his efforts to sway Jeff back to his side, but the youngster would have none of it. He was receiving premium treatment from Jenn; this started to annoy Jonathan, but he held his tongue in order to keep the numbers. Meanwhile, Coby approached Gregg and Ibrehem with the idea to get one flipper and vote out Jeff. With few options, the men considered this idea. In the water, Stephenie was stung by a jellyfish, forcing Jonathan to pee on her leg.

  • Reward challenge: Divided into two teams of four, one castaway at a time raced through a series of obstacles in the water. After all four teammates were at the end platform, one teammate at a time used a grappling hook to retrieve rings in the water. The first team to retrieve all four of their rings won an afternoon away from camp to enjoy a buffet of chocolate. One member would sit out and not go on reward.

The first team consisted of Coby, Stephenie, Kim and Ibrehem, while the second team consisted of Jeff, Gregg, Jonathan and Tom. Jenn drew the short stick and was not selected. In the end, the all-male team won, earning the chocolate buffet at an off-camp site. On reward, Gregg lobbied for an all guys alliance; Jonathan and Jeff feigned receptiveness but were uninterested. Back at camp, Ibrehem and Coby bonded over a shared contempt for Kim's lack of work ethic. Ibrehem agreed to try for a blindside of Jeff if the numbers were there.

  • Immunity challenge: The Survivors must stand on a perch under the changing weather conditions for as long as they can. Meanwhile, Jeff will occasionally tempt players with food. The last person standing will win Individual Immunity.

Stephenie ended up winning immunity, outlasting all the others over a six hour period. Back at camp, it became clear that the members of the majority alliance were unwilling to turn on Jeff. Thanks to a whole bunch of sweet talk, Gregg managed to learn from Kim that they were voting for Ibrehem. Desperate to avenge the early loss of his ally Janu, Coby chose to make a big move at tribal council, playing his idol for Ibrehem. The majority alliance's five votes for Ib were negated, while the four outsider men took out Jeff 4-0.

Episode 10

The former majority alliance was shocked heading back from tribal. The alliances were now deadlocked at four, and Jonathan knew he would need to keep an eye out for the other hidden immunity idol so he didn't have to be as paranoid going forward. The next day, Kim admitted to her alliance that she was the one who had let slip their voting plan. Jonathan worried about his trust in Kim going forward, thinking her perhaps too dumb to play Survivor. Meanwhile, the alliance of Tom, Gregg, Coby and Ibrehem were reveling in each other's company, pledging their loyalty to each other after pulling off a massive move.

  • Reward challenge: Ulror will be split into two teams of 4. The teams must race into the water to erect a custom tower using scaffolding. The first team to construct their tower, climb it, retrieve a flag and race the flag back to the beach wins an authentic Palauan Feast.

The first team consisted of Coby, Stephenie, Gregg and Kim, while the second team consisted of Jenn, Jonathan, Tom and Ibrehem. The second team won by a wide margin, sending the team to an alternate site for the feast. At the meal, Jenn found the clue to the idol and snatched it, later sharing it with Jonathan back at camp. Tom ate too much at the feast and got a bellyache, while the local villagers made fun of Ibrehem for being unable to partake in the customary roasted stuffed pork. Back at camp, Gregg and Coby tried to convince Stephenie to go with the men, again making fun of Kim as she continued to do no work. Stephenie admitted frustration with her alliance and considered making a move, but she didn't want to be seen as disloyal.

  • Immunity challenge: A steel cage would be set up in the water at low tide, with the castaways huddled inside under a steel tier. With the rising tide, the Survivors must fight for air, and the last player to stay under the cage would win Immunity. In a twist, the first castaway to bail out from the challenge will be sent to an untouched beach.

Tom won immunity, ensuring his safe passage to the final seven. Meanwhile, the first out, Jonathan, was pronounced immune and sent to an alternate site for the night of tribal council. Back at camp, Stephenie saw that the other alliance was about to take control of the game and told Gregg and Ibrehem that she wanted to play the game with them. The men gladly used her vote in a split, intending to put three on Jenn and two on Kim. Stephenie balked, however, saying that Kim was undeserving and that she wouldn't go along with it unless Kim went first. The prospect of keeping a power couple in the game annoyed the men, particularly Coby, but Steph got her way in the end. Her old allies put two votes on Coby, but it was Kim voted out by a 3-2-2 vote.

Episode 11

Jenn felt alone coming back from tribal, knowing that Stephenie would never again agree to the the third wheel of her and Jonathan. Meanwhile, Gregg contemplated his end game, resolving to keep the divisive Coby around but feeling uncomfortable making a decision on everything else. The next morning, Jonathan returned to camp to find his alliance totally destroyed, with Jenn as his only remaining confidante. However, they found the second idol after a long and arduous search, attracting the attention of their tribemates in the process. The duo now had both idols, though everyone thought they only had one. Still, the target on their back grew enormously.

  • Survivor Auction: Each contestant will be given US$500. The items available in the auction will be remained covered after someone takes them. Players may share money and the item. Auction will end without further notice and included food and drink items as well as letters from home

After buying grub and reading their letters, Jeff put an advantage in the game up for auction. Jonathan spent all of his money on it; it turned out to be an advantage at the next immunity challenge. Stephenie's letter from home brought her to tears, as her father was battling cancer; for Ibrehem, the letter gave him a nudge to keep going, as it was handwritten by a number of his many loving relatives. Later, Jenn attempted to flirt with Ibrehem in order to flip him, but he was uninterested.

  • Immunity challenge: Players must stand behind a line in front of 35 multicolored ceramic tiles, each color representing a different Survivor. The Survivors must toss coconuts at their tiles, trying to smash them. If a castaway smashed an opponent's tile by accident, the opponent would get the benefit. The first Survivor to smash (or to have smashed by others) all five of their tiles would win Immunity.

Jonathan only had to smash four tiles thanks to his advantage, but he still lost the challenge to Gregg. Back at camp, the majority alliance agreed to split the votes 3-2 between Jonathan and Jenn, hoping to break up the power couple once and for all. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Jenn knew they had to go all in and make a big play. At tribal, they shocked everyone by pulling out both immunity idols. The five combined votes against them were negated, and Tom was sent home by a unanimous 2-0 vote.

Episode 12

Coming back from tribal, Jonathan and Jenn were excited about their savage play, but they also worried that the targets on their back had grown even more. They also prepared for another idol hunt in the coming days. Meanwhile, Gregg mourned the loss of his longtime ally and friend Tom, his last good friend from the original Ulong left in the game. He tried to consolidate his bond with Coby, but Coby preferred to stay with Ibrehem, who he considered indebted to him after the idol play. Jenn attempted to work Gregg the next day, and he responded positively, refusing to rule out any potential avenue forward in the game.

  • Reward challenge: Each player would be assigned a fire wok suspended over the water. Each time a Survivor correctly answers a question about Palauan culture/history, they may lower an opponent's wok. The last person with their flame still burning would win a yacht trip with two other castaways of the winner's choice.

Ibrehem won the reward challenge, proving both his likability and his memory skills. He selected Coby and Stephenie to accompany him on reward, worrying Gregg as he headed back to camp with the power duo. On reward, the three enjoyed themselves. Stephenie found the clue to the idol, pocketing it without being noticed. Back at camp, Jonathan and Jenn immediately raced out to search for the idol, with Gregg following close behind. However, they were unsuccessful, and Steph found it upon returning back to camp. Meanwhile, Jenn continued to flirt with Gregg, to Jonathan's chagrin.

  • Immunity challenge: Players will compete through a series of obstacles they have already seen in previous challenges: navigating a net maze, solving a miniature version of the sea star puzzle, eating balut, unleashing lock-boxes and target shooting. One player would be eliminated at each round, and the last castaway standing wins Immunity.

Jonathan navigated the obstacle course first, winning his first immunity challenge. Back at camp, the majority alliance resolved to vote for Jenn, with Gregg deciding to stick with them. However, Coby suggested to Ibrehem that the two go rogue and vote for Gregg to protect against an idol play, even though the defection might ruffle feathers and risked losing an ally. In the end, they got lucky -- Jenn and Jonathan cast votes for the unobjectionable Ibrehem, leading to a revote between him, Gregg and Jenn. Just before the revote, Coby conspired with Jonathan to take out Gregg, with the former reasoning that the combo of Gregg, Ib and Jonathan would be impossible to beat in challenges. Stephenie stuck with the plan and voted Jenn, but the men took out Gregg 2-1.

Episode 13

Stephenie was upset coming back from tribal council, feeling blindsided by Coby's decision to take out Gregg. Ibrehem was also surprised by the move, but felt he owed Coby his loyalty for saving him. The next day, Stephenie realized she was a swing vote between the two dead-set alliances. Although Jonathan and Jenn were relatively unpopular and would seem to make good goats, she did not want to go crawling back to her old alliance so soon. Meanwhile, Jonathan tried to convince Coby to turn on his allies.

  • Reward challenge: Survivors would race into the lagoon on bamboo rafts and collect a series of mileage markers. Once all the markers were collected, they must be placed under the sign marker designating the distance from Palau to various big cities. The first player to place all the markers correctly would win a Chevrolet Corvette, and an overnight stay in a hillside Palauan mansion where he will feast together with a companion of their choice.

Jonathan won the challenge, winning the car and the trip. He chose Coby as his companion, hoping to forge some kind of bond. Ultimately, however, Jonathan's tightness with Jenn gave Coby pause about a potential final three deal -- he preferred a spot for Ibrehem. Jonathan found the clue to the idol but was caught by Coby, so they read it together. Back at camp, Stephenie caught several large octopus for the tribe, giving them an even bigger feast than those on the reward. Upon returning from the reward, Jonathan and Coby raced out to find the idol. Soon the whole tribe followed suit, with Steph feigning fascination to avoid being outed.

  • Immunity challenge: Survivors must traverse a watercourse to get reference to an arrangement of various icons on a puzzle grid. Next, they must make their way back to the start to rearrange their own icons on a blank grid to match what they had seen on the course. The players must repeat the watercourse until one of them replicated their grid exactly in order to win Immunity.

Coby won the challenge, giving him individual immunity for the very first time. Back at camp, Jenn attempted to flip Steph over to her side. Steph waffled over the decision all afternoon, but ultimately chose to go with Coby and Ibrehem -- partly out of pride, but also partly because she thought one of them might flip on the other. At tribal, Stephenie played her idol, but it proved unnecessary. Jonathan was voted out over Ibrehem by a 3-2 vote.

Episode 14

The final four celebrated their place in the game as they headed back from tribal. Jenn was sad to see her longtime ally Jonathan go, but she knew she would need to make new connections and sell herself as a pawn if she wanted to advance in the game. Meanwhile, Ibrehem and Coby made a final two deal, leaving Stephenie on the outside as the game reached its final stages.

  • Immunity challenge: Survivors must race along a tire crawl, then navigate through a series of vertical escape hatches to reach the top of a three-story tower. Once at the top of the tower, the Survivors must use grappling hooks to retrieve keys that unlock a hatch covering a flag, which they must raise. The first two players to finish would race down a flying fox into the ocean and retrieve a combination lock box containing another flag. After figuring out the box's combination, the Survivors must retrieve the flag and raise it. The first to raise this final flag wins Immunity.

Ibrehem won the challenge, his first immunity of the season. Back at camp, Jenn lobbied hard for Coby and Ibrehem to vote out Stephenie, saying she was the bigger threat. Meanwhile, Steph wanted to stick with the plan and vote out Jenn. At tribal council, Coby and Ibrehem decided that Stephenie was too big of a threat at the next challenge, turning on her to vote her out 3-1. Coming back from tribal, Jenn knew she had to perform in the next challenge. Meanwhile, Coby debated whether to take Ibrehem or Jenn in the event of a challenge win. Early the next morning, the final three undertook the final passage to honor their fallen comerades, passing through on a trail and lighting their torches on fire. Then they progressed to the final immunity challenge.

  • Immunity challenge: The Survivors must each grab onto a navigational buoy and hang on while the buoy swayed from side-to-side. The last player left hanging on would win Final Immunity.

Jenn won immunity, earning a chance to plead her case to the jury at final tribal council. Shocked, Coby and Ibrehem realized that the game was out of their hands. Jenn went back and forth over who to vote out -- Coby had made more enemies than Ibrehem, but he also played a more strategic game. In the end, Jenn acknowledged Ibrehem's friends on the jury and voted him out. The next morning, Jenn and Coby enjoyed the customary Day 39 feast before heading to final tribal council. In their opening statements, Coby apologized for his blindsides and stressed that it was nothing personal, while Jenn said her game was about planting seeds with her social game. The ensuing exchanges were heated -- Coby had to answer to Jeff, Gregg and Stephenie, with varying levels of success. Meanwhile, Jenn was praised for her social game but criticized by Tom, Steph and Ibrehem for riding Jonathan's coattails. In the end, Coby won in a narrow 4-3 vote. He received votes from Tom, Gregg, Stephenie and Ibrehem, while Jenn received votes from Jeff, Kim and Jonathan.

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Ep 14
Willard [UTR] UTRN1
Wanda [OTTN] OTTN2
Caryn [MOR] MOR3