Name Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Lydia Morales Yaxha 1st voted out

Day 3

Judd Sergeant Nakum 2nd voted out

Day 6

Jamie Newton Yaxha 3rd voted out

Day 8

Gary Hogeboom Yaxha 4th voted out

Day 11

Brandon Bellinger Nakum Yaxha 5th voted out

Day 14

Jim Lynch Nakum Nakum 6th voted out

Day 15

Brianna Valera Yaxha Yaxha 7th voted out

Day 15

Morgan McDevitt Yaxha Yaxha 8th voted out

Day 18

Amy O'Hara Yaxha Nakum Xhakum 9th voted out

Day 21

Stephenie LaGrossa Yaxha Yaxha Xhakum 10th voted out

Day 24

1st Jury member

Ian Rosenberger Nakum Nakum Xhakum 11th voted out

Day 27

2nd Jury member

Brian Corridan Yaxha Nakum Xhakum 12th voted out

Day 30

3rd Jury member

Brooke Struck Nakum Nakum Xhakum 13th voted out

Day 33

4th Jury member

Danni Boatwright Nakum Nakum Xhakum 14th voted out

Day 36

5th Jury member

Blake Towsley Nakum Nakum Xhakum 15th voted out

Day 37

6th Jury member

Cindy Hall Nakum Yaxha Xhakum 16th voted out

Day 38

7th Jury member

Margaret Bobonich Nakum Nakum Xhakum Runner-up 2
Rafe Judkins Yaxha Yaxha Xhakum Sole Survivor 11

Episode 1

The game began with 16 castaways arriving at a neutral site in the Guatemalan jungle. There, Jeff informed them that they would be joined by two players from the previous season: Stephenie on Yaxha and Ian on Nakum. Then, he informed them that they would need to make an arduous journey through miles of difficult terrain to reach their respective camps. Yaxha had a difficult time, with Lydia struggling mightily. Meanwhile, Nakum did well, and most of the members seemed heartened by Ian's encouragement and resourcefulness. They reached their camp with enough time to build a shelter, with Ian leading the way on construction; Brandon, Margaret and Cindy established themselves as worker bees. Blake, on the other hand, slacked off, forging a bond with Brooke and Danni as they searched for kindling. Meanwhile, Yaxha arrived at their camp well into the night and had to sleep under leaves, resulting in a poor night's sleep. Stephenie attempted to bond with her tribemates, but they seemed hesitant -- some of them afraid to play with a returnee.

  • Immunity Challenge: Using their canoes, the tribes would paddle out to buoys in the lake to retrieve a torch hung from each buoy. Racing back to shore, four members would run to the top of the hill and begin hauling up the canoe with a rope. The remaining tribe members would rotate logs underneath the canoe, allowing it to roll up the hill, much like the technique the Maya used to move large items. Once the canoe passed a finish line, each tribe's remaining member would run to the top of the hill with the torch and light the victory cauldron. The first tribe to light the cauldron wins Immunity.

Likely thanks to their better night's sleep, Nakum won immunity. At Yaxha, a budding guys' alliance of Gary and Jamie considered taking out Stephenie as a potential threat, but Rafe and Amy thought Lydia was the bigger liability. At tribal council, the tribe opted for strength, and Lydia was voted out in a unanimous vote.

Episode 2

Stephenie was pleased with the result of tribal, having received no votes. However, she still felt a bit isolated from her tribemates, with Morgan stepping in as a lone friend. Meanwhile, Gary and Jamie continued to lead the tribe in its work around camp, earning the respect of some of the more indecisive tribe members. Amy also stepped up as a worker, mainly as a strong fire contender. At Nakum, Ian and Brandon bonded over their love of the outdoors and soon took to spending a lot of time with Jim, a former military man who had seen tons of action.

  • Reward Challenge: One at a time, the Survivors must sprint up a ramp, over a net run to a giant rope web, where they must climb underneath it and gather hanging bags. After untying a bag, they must drop into the water and race with their bag back to the start, where the next person would be waiting to leave. Each tribe member must attempt to get a bag once. The winning tribe receives fishing supplies.

Nakum won the reward challenge, with Ian delivering a huge performance to win the fishing gear. He tried to catch fish back at camp, but was unsuccessful; Brandon, on the other hand, caught a few big ones. Back at the shelter, Blake found a clue to the hidden immunity idol in a tackle box, which he found with relative ease. At Yaxha, Stephenie continued to feel an uneasy kind of stigma, as Gary and Jamie dismissed her when she tried to come along to look for bananas. Meanwhile, Brianna attempted to flirt with the men of her tribe, to varying results.

  • Immunity Challenge: Tribes were tethered to ropes in a pit of mud. The first tribe to drag the other to their side of the mud pit and grab a flag would win that round. The first tribe with three flags would win Immunity. If no tribe reaches a flag in fifteen minutes, the challenge will be modified to one-on-one match-ups.

Yaxha won the challenge thanks to massive efforts from Jamie and Amy. As a result, Nakum headed to its first tribal council. Judd attempted to bond with some of the women on his tribe, but he was mostly rebuffed. The newly formed majority alliance of Ian, Brandon, Margaret, Cindy and Jim were wary of Blake and his laziness, but Cindy convinced them to take out Judd for his annoying behavior. At tribal, Blake and Danni voted for Cindy, with Brooke defecting to the majority. Judd cast his vote for Brooke, but was ousted by the 6-2-1 vote.

Episode 3

Coming back from tribal, Cindy was worried about the votes she received, knowing that they likely came from some combination of Blake, Danni and Brooke. Things were a bit awkward the next day, as Blake continued to shirk work and keep apart from the main group. He and Brandon got into a minor tiff about tribe conduct. At Yaxha, Gary and Ami made a final two deal and formed a plan, starting with the ouster of the popular Stephenie.

  • Reward Challenge: Scattered around the challenge grounds are materials needed to construct an archeological tent. One sighted castaway must instruct his/her tribemates (blindfolded and tethered in pairs). After collecting all pieces, blindfolds can be removed and the tribe must assemble the tent. After assembling, the tribe must go back to their tribe mat. First to finish would win pillows, blankets and tarp.

Yaxha won immunity, and Stephenie found the clue to the hidden immunity idol in a pillow case. She went on a search and was largely undetected by her tribemates, ultimately finding the idol. Meanwhile, Blake went on an idol search of his own at Nakum, which was not as successful. He and Ian went fishing together and bonded, though Blake maintained a jaded attitude towards his tribemate.

  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways compete in an elevated net court with two hoops for both tribes. Tribes must face off in randomly selected threesomes, race to the ball thrown in the center, and then pass the ball to each other in an attempt to move within shooting distance of their hoops. If a player holds the ball, he/she cannot walk and must pass it to a tribemate (violating this will force the person’s tribe to hand the ball to the other tribe)The first tribe to throw the ball through a hoop would score for their tribe. The first tribe to score five points would win Immunity.

Nakum won immunity, ending their challenge drought at two. At Yaxha, Jamie, Gary and Amy managed to drum up a majority alliance along with Brianna and Rafe, but Stephenie, feeling the heat at tribal council, played her idol to stay alive. Only Morgan stood by her side; they made a move and voted out Jamie 2-0.

Episode 4

The mood was a bit awkward coming back from tribal. Amy and Gary knew they had just lost one of their biggest allies, as well as one of the biggest assets around camp. They did not confront Stephenie, but nevertheless treated her coldly as they seethed with rage. Meanwhile, Brianna and Rafe were perturbed by Amy and Gary's attitude and tried to ingratiate themselves to Steph, fascinated by the idea of playing the middle. Over at Nakum, a big catch for Ian allowed the tribe to eat well heading into the reward challenge. However, Jim and Cindy got into an argument about the latter's habit of being too social and sometimes slacking off while doing camp chores.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes had to go through three stations, first cutting a rope with a sharp rock, then through a log to release handles. The remaining four members had to use the handles to turn a wheel, which would pull a mine cart up the hill and a ramp. Six of the tribe members then had to climb into the cart, where the remaining member would cut the rope keeping the cart up, sending it flying down the hill and across the line into a sand pile. The winning tribe receives fried chicken, chips and drinks.

Yaxha won the challenge, earning the big food reward. Gary alienated the tribe by aggressively searching for the idol clue during the celebratory meal, but came up empty. Brian enjoyed the reward but felt somewhat isolated from the tribe, bemoaning his lack of allies. At Nakum, the tribe was irked at the loss of potential nourishment. Blake continued his hunt for the idol, but Cindy intercepted it and stayed on his tail, ruining any potential find. This led to a tense exchange between the two before heading back towards camp.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe divides into two groups of three, as well as one tribe member being left. The individual launches balls from a catapult towards the groups of three, who have a net to catch the balls between them. First tribe to catch five balls wins immunity.

Nakum won the immunity challenge, avoiding tribal council for the second straight cycle despite a lack of reward wins. At Yaxha, Gary and Amy continued to give Stephenie the cold shoulder and argued for a split vote on her and Morgan. Rafe and Brianna were torn, but Morgan, acting as an intermediary, convinced them to join forces with her and Steph. At tribal council, Brian was out of the loop and cast a throwaway vote for Rafe. Amy and Gary voted for Stephenie again, but it was Gary who went home via the 4-2-1 decision.

Episode 5

Amy was livid coming back from tribal council, finally unleashing her anger on Stephenie. Stephenie cooly took the criticism but criticized Amy for being distant from day one and targeting her early in the game. Stephenie and Morgan agreed that Amy should be the next to go for her lack of loyalty going forward. That night, the tribe was annoyed by Rafe's loud snoring. The next morning at Nakum, Blake rose before sunrise and managed to find the hidden immunity idol while in a tired stupor. He relished his new power position, keeping the information to himself. At the reward challenge, the tribes each picked from two separate bags of rocks, with two the color of the opposite tribe. Brandon and Cindy were sent to Yaxha in exchange for Amy and Brian, who went to Nakum. It was then announced that there would be no reward challenge, so the new tribes returned to camp. At Nakum, Amy was determined to find a fresh start with her new tribe; she worked hard and was friendly around camp. Meanwhile, Brian had lacked allies on the other side but made fast friends with Brooke; he was also excited to be on the same tribe as Ian, who maintained a close relationship with Jim and Margaret. At Yaxha, Cindy quickly endeared herself to her new tribemates, especially Stephenie and Brianna. Meanwhile, Brandon kept his distance and felt somewhat isolated being the only straight male.

  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes paddle out and retrieve three tribe coloured bags containing Maya war clubs. They then throw the clubs at three targets 30, 40 and 50 feet away. First tribe to have three people hit the three targets wins immunity as well as some lamb skewers.

Nakum won immunity, thanks to the target-hitting abilities of Ian, Blake and Amy. Back at camp, the tribe enjoyed their lamb dinner, feeling legitimately unified after the swap. At Yaxha, the majority alliance decided to vote Brandon over Cindy, citing the latter's positive presence on the tribe. Cindy asked Brianna which way to vote and was kept in the loop, joining the majority in unanimously voting out Brandon 5-1, with Morgan receiving Brandon's vote.

Episode 6

The tribe was sad after Brandon's departure, but felt united. Cindy was fitting in with the tribe wonderfully, and Stephenie conspired to take her in as a number at the merge. Meanwhile, Morgan had misgivings about Cindy's closeness to Steph and Brianna. Over at Nakum, Ian found a family of octopus near a small coral reef and caught four of them, providing a massive dinner for his tribe. Meanwhile, Blake expressed his annoyance at Jim for doing less work than others; Ian responded harshly, defending Jim for his old age while chastising Blake for being a layabout.

  • Reward Challenge: Tribes were split into pairs and one pair from each tribe competed to move a giant ball across the field and into their goal. First tribe to score three goals wins barbecue items, including a grill, burgers, beer and root beer, as well as the right to compete in an individual immunity challenge.
  • Individual Challenge: The survivors race out to collect three bags of puzzle pieces, containing eleven letter tiles. First person to unscramble the phrase "Ancient Ruin" wins immunity and the chance to sit in on the other tribe's tribal council and assign individual immunity to someone on the other tribe.

At the challenge, Ian, Jim and Margaret were upset that Brandon had been voted out, with Margaret openly questioning Yaxha's decision to vote out three strong males in a row. It was then announced that both tribes would be going to tribal council. Nakum won the reward challenge handily, easily thwacking the overmatched Yaxha tribe. Danni won immunity for Nakum, as well as the right to give out another immunity necklace at Yaxha's tribe council, which she would sit in on. Back at Nakum, Blake had the idea to make a move on Jim, whom he was sick of; meanwhile, Ian, Jim and Margaret wanted Brian gone as the weakest of the newcomers. Brooke informed Brian that he was the target, securing his loyalty. Ami emerged as the swing vote, and at tribal council, she chose to join Blake, Brooke, Danni and Brian in voting out Jim 5-3, hoping that maintaining the original Yaxha numbers would give her more options down the line. Back at Yaxha, Morgan and Rafe gunned for Cindy, but Brianna was extremely reluctant, strongly preferring Cindy to Rafe. Rafe then tried to get Stephenie to vote Brianna, seeing that she was more sour on her than the uber-positive Cindy. Ultimately, Stephenie chose to go with Brianna and Cindy in voting out Rafe, but at tribal council, Rafe was given the immunity necklace by Danni. Faced with choosing between Morgan and Brianna, Steph honored her original alliance and voted for Brianna, resulting in the 3-2 ouster.

Episode 7

Back at Nakum, Ian bemoaned his position in the gaming, likening it to the last time he had be screwed over by a tribe swap. The next day, he conspired to turn the heat onto Margaret for being weak at challenges, dropping her name around camp to Blake and Danni. They recognized Ian's points, but also acknowledged that he was making a play to save himself. Meanwhile at Yaxha, the tribe was reasonably united; Morgan and Cindy did not get along, but Rafe and Stephenie were in the middle and everyone worked well together.

  • Reward Challenge: Four tribe members were attached to poles by rope and had to spin to get out and unwind each castaway. The winning tribe receives chocolate and jungle canopy zip-line.

Yaxha won immunity, snapping their losing streak. While on reward, Cindy found the clue to the hidden immunity idol in a jar of coffee, but Morgan caught her. Cindy urged her to keep it a secret, but Morgan insisted on telling the whole tribe and everyone knowing the clue, resulting in more animosity between the two. Back at Nakum, Ian attempted to instill at attitude of tribal loyalty heading into the merge, when they would certainly have the numbers. While everyone feigned heed to this, several tribe members were open about doing whatever was required to win.

  • Immunity Challenge: Tribes sent out one castaway at a time to dig/bring back puzzle pieces and construct Mayan calendars.

Nakum won immunity again, sending Yaxha to another tribal council. Back at Yaxha, Cindy did find the hidden immunity idol. Holding a grudge against Morgan from earlier, she conspired to get her out. She attempted to sway Stephenie but was unsure of Steph's receptiveness to the idea. Meanwhile, Morgan gunned for Cindy, and Rafe, seeing it as a sensible vote, went along with it. At tribal, Cindy played her newly found idol to negate two votes against her, while she and Stephenie voted out a devastated Morgan, avoiding the tie.

Episode 8

The next morning, both tribes received tree mail instructing them to meet at an empty clearing between the two camps, accompanied by a map. They arrived to a huge spread of food, along with a message that the tribes had merged. They enjoyed the merge feast and then got to work on a new shelter at the neutral site. The new tribe named itself Xhakum, a combination of the two original tribe names. At the feast, Ian expressed his joy at having been on a successful tribe and surviving to the merge; he immediately touched base with Stephenie and Cindy. A tentative alliance of them, Cindy and Rafe began to form. Meanwhile, Blake attempted to lock down a final two deal with Amy in order to secure her loyalty, which she accepted, feeling wary towards her old Yaxha tribemates. He and Brooke had drifted apart, with her hanging out with Brian more than anyone else.

  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors were to balance a clay pot on their head while standing on a small cube for as long as possible without touching the pot. After an hour, there was a tie breaker which involved the remaining players running up the steps of a Mayan temple with the pot balanced on their heads, with the first person to the top winning immunity. If no-one reached the top, the person who got furthest up the temple steps won.

Ian reached the top of the steps first and won immunity, clinching his spot in the final nine. Back at camp, a whole lot of scrambling started. Ian was highly critical of Blake and expressed a desire to go along with the three new Yaxha members, which was accepted. Meanwhile, Amy let slip about her long term plans with Blake to Brian, who in turn told Brooke. Wanting to cut off Blake's options for other alliances, she and Brian joined Steph, Ian, Rafe, Cindy and Margaret in voting out Amy 7-3, with the other three putting their votes on Rafe.

Episode 9

Left without one of his closest allies, Blake set about trying to figure out who flipped on him. He rightly guessed Brian and Brooke; Brooke apologized and said that Amy had been hyper-strategic, but Blake was now wholly unsure if he could trust her. The next day, Stephenie and Ian located a fig tree and brought back a significant meal for the tribe. While they were good providers, Margaret began to worry about how smart it was to keep the two returning players together, especially with them having voted together at the previous tribal.

  • Reward Challenge: Survivors would use an atlatl to throw an arrow to the center of a target, closest to get the arrow to the pole wins a meal at the lodge, an open bar for the night and a choice of desserts.

Rafe won reward and chose to take Stephenie and Cindy with him. The three enjoyed their evening and got drunk. Back at camp, Margaret felt that she was an outsider in her new alliance, with the three on reward and Ian having connections to Stephenie from Palau. Blake and Danni attempted to take her in, and Margaret, seeing them as not well-liked, considered it. Upon the reward group's return to camp that night, they forgot to bring back anything for the rest of the tribe, ticking some people off.

  • Immunity Challenge: Obstacle course consisting of a balance beam whilst untying two planks, with the first four finishing moving on to a rope bridge, where the first two finishers competed in a two line balance bridge to win immunity.

Blake, Cindy, Ian and Stephenie made it to the second round, and Cindy and Ian faced off in the final. In the end, Ian won his second straight immunity challenge, making him safe at tribal council. Back at camp, the mood had shifted towards breaking up Ian and Stephenie; Brooke told Blake to vote Steph, and while he still doubted their trust, he went along. The swing vote was Margaret, and though she maintained her loyalties to Ian, she wanted to take Stephenie out as a threat. At tribal council, Stephenie was ousted over Blake, who held on to his idol, by a 5-4 vote.

Episode 10

Ian was livid with Margaret on his way back from tribal council, which for her only reinforced her decision to flip back to the post-swap Nakum. Sensing her discomfort, Ian took it upon himself to make inroads with the majority; the next day, he spent time with Brooke and Brian to see if they'd be open to taking out Blake or Danni. While they expressed genuine animosity towards Blake, they were wary of keeping Ian around. Meanwhile, Cindy was distraught over her close ally Stephenie leaving the game, shedding tears as she thought of her family back at home.

  • Reward Challenge: Survivors are in teams of four, split into two pairs - one all male and one all female - and race through a mud pit obstacle course and fill a pot with corn. The winning team receives a helicopter lift to a private home with an overnight stay including food, shower, coffee, and videos from home.

The men won the reward challenge and were transported to a private home for the night. Brian and Rafe had a great time with each other, but the whole experience was pretty awkward, especially for the recently betrayed Ian. Back at camp, Cindy floated the possibility of an all girls' alliance but was rebuffed.

  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors were attached to ropes and go through an obstacle course manoeuvring themselves round the obstacles. The first four to finish moved onto the final round, which consisted of one obstacle, which was three levels high. First to finish won immunity.

Ian, Blake, Cindy and Rafe advanced to the final round of the immunity challenge, and Cindy came out on top. Ian, worried about his place in the game, argued that the old Nakum should attempt to take out Rafe. However, he ended up voting alone; Cindy and Rafe voted for Margaret, but it was Ian who went home via the 5-2-1 vote.

Episode 11

Rafe and Cindy returned from tribal council knowing they were on the outs, with Cindy's entire original Nakum alliance all but gone. Rafe worried that Brooke would have a clean run to the end against a host of goats unless something was done soon, so he tried to get Margaret to flip again, but she seemed unwilling. The next day, the tribe's food supplies were running low. Blake's complaining about hunger irked the rest of the tribe, which was starting to feel the effects of voting out Amy, Stephenie and Ian, three of the biggest workers, in succession.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe member has three pots of corn and an answer cube. They are then asked questions on Mayan culture. Each question answered correctly allows them to smash one other tribe member's pot of corn. The last person standing wins a feast, waterfall pool and massage.

Brooke won the challenge and chose to bring Blake and Margaret with her. The three of them enjoyed the reward, with Brooke feeling like she and Blake had reconciled a bit due to the visit. However, Blake disagreed, still finding her to be duplicitous. Back at camp, Rafe and Cindy tried to get Danni to blindside Brooke, and they did make some progress.

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe members first heard a story about a Mayan goddess, Ixchel. They then had to race to seven stations, each with a question about the story they heard. Each station had two options - one box contained a flag, one a stick. If they pulled a stick, they had to throw it into an urn and run back to the station to collect their flag. First to seven flags won immunity.

Brooke won immunity, ending any and all speculation over taking her out. Back at camp, Blake had the idea to blindside Brian, who he saw as a loyal vote in Brooke's back pocket. Feeling like the old Nakum could stand to lose a number, he and Danni worked with Rafe and Cindy to take out Brian by a 4-3 vote over Cindy.

Episode 12

Brooke angrily confronted Blake coming back from tribal council, who cooly told her that his vote was revenge for her ouster of Amy from cycles ago. While they were now warring with each other, they agreed that the old Yaxhas were too big of a threat and resolved to nab either Cindy or Rafe at the next tribal council. The next day, while fishing together, Cindy tried to convince her old ally Margaret to vote with her against Brooke or Blake. Margaret, while not ruling anything out, was worried about flipping too many times.

  • Survivor Auction: Each contestant will be given $500 and can only bid with $20 increments. Highest bidder gets the item. Survivors may share money, but not with the item.

At the auction, Blake bought a steak, potatoes and beer, Rafe bought a meatball sub, Margaret bought a pizza and a glass of wine, Brooke bought a shower and some cheese and crackers and Danni bought some slug guts. Cindy held out until the end and bought an advantage at the next immunity challenge, which she kept sealed until it was time to go. Back at camp, Blake ridiculed Cindy for her place in the game, drawing disses from nearly all of his fellow tribemates.

  • Immunity Challenge: The survivors competed on a multi-level board. They could move one space in any direction (not diagonally), flipping over tiles as they went along onto their red sides. When a tile is red, no-one can step onto it again. The middle platform spins, allowing relocation around the board. If you can't move, you're out. Last person standing wins immunity. Cindy's advantage meant that she had a one-use power to switch players with anyone at any time.

Cindy won immunity, playing her advantage perfectly in order to clinch victory. Without massive threat Cindy immune, Blake got the idea to team up with her, Rafe and Danni to take out Brooke; meanwhile, Brooke wanted to erase Rafe from the game. At tribal council, only Margaret stood by Brooke as she was blindsided by a 4-2 vote.

Episode 13

Rafe felt confident in his chances of making it to the end, but Cindy was still worried, knowing that she was popular and viewed as a jury threat. With Brooke and her closest ally Brian out of the game and the tight duo of Blake and Danni on the other side, it looked as though Margaret would serve as the critical swing vote. Margaret was aware of this status, as Blake was being uncommonly nice to her around camp. Meanwhile, Danni contemplated taking out Blake at the next opportunity, knowing that she needed to make a big move in the game.

  • Reward Challenge: The second chance challenge. First, the five survivors raced across a balance beam, untying three sets of war clubs. The first three to finish used the war clubs to try and break a tile 30 feet away. The first two to finish solved a puzzle based on the Maya calendar, hopped in a cart and used a machete to cut the rope keeping the cart up sending them down the hill to the finish. The winner receives a brand new 2006 Pontiac Torrent, which they can use to drive down to an archaeologist's camp, where a barbecue is set up, along with a place to spend the night with a family member.

The family members were brought in, resulting in a ton of tears and hugs. Cindy was especially emotional, revealing that her mother had been in a car accident a week before she left and that her sister could give her more information. However, it was Blake who won the challenge, earning the car and a trip with his girlfriend to the archeologist site. Back at camp, Danni was the odd woman out, relaxing and feeling left out of conversations while the rest of tribe worked hard and had a bonding experience. When Blake came back the next morning, she was relieved, though not by the braggodocio regarding the reward that Blake brought with him.

  • Immunity Challenge: The survivors begin with their hands and feet shackled, whilst attached to a long rope wrapped around a pole. They must use keys to unshackle their hands, their rope, their final key and use it to unlock their feet, whilst unwinding enough rope to be able to run to the finish and release their flag. First person to release their flag wins immunity.

Cindy won immunity for the third time, securing her spot in the final four. Back at camp, both sides vied for Margaret's vote; while she was initially hesitant to go into the final four with both Rafe and Cindy, she softened once Rafe gave his word to help vote out Cindy at the next opportunity. That night's tribal council was the last opportunity to play an idol, so Blake played his, but the votes had gone towards Danni, who was sent home over Rafe via a 3-2 vote.

Episode 14

Blake was stunned on his way back from tribal, but he nevertheless plotted his map to the end, which involved taking Margaret. Meanwhile, Cindy and Rafe re-affirmed their final two deal, with Rafe unsure of whether or not he would honor it. Margaret was just glad to still be in the game, viewing all three of her fellow tribemates as legitimate threats. On the morning of Day 37, the tribe was surprised by actual Mayans, who performed a blessing ritual with them.

  • Immunity Challenge: The most complex Survivor maze so far, which consisted of six stations, containing eight puzzle pieces inside the maze. Once all eight pieces have been collected, the puzzle must then be solved by rotating the pieces until the ancient Mayan image of either a jaguar, crocodile or monkey is revealed. First person to reveal one of the images wins immunity.

Cindy won immunity yet again, punching her ticket to the final three. Back at camp, Rafe thought that his natural move was to vote for Blake as a more strategic player; however, he also thought of voting for Margaret, as he and Blake would have the best chance to beat Cindy in a challenge. He pitched this idea to Blake, but Blake rebuffed him, thinking that his only path forward was against Margaret. Meanwhile, Margaret decided to vote for Rafe, not wanting to keep both around for the final. At tribal council, Rafe's only play was to vote for Blake, and they tied 2-2. Rafe won the firebuilding tiebreaker, sending Blake to the jury.

That night, Jeff awoke the remaining castaways to see them off as they went on the rite of passage to honor their fallen comrades. Then, they proceeded to the final immunity challenge.

  • Immunity Challenge: The survivors stood on a small rotating platform with two ropes for their aid. After one hour, they had to release a rope. After 90 minutes, they had to go it alone, with their hands not allowed to touch anything to do with the challenge. The last person standing won.

Against the odds, Margaret won the challenge, allowing her to take her pick of the remaining two to take to tribal. The two made their cases all day, but at tribal council, Margaret's decision was not difficult; she voted out Cindy. The next day, the final two enjoyed the customary Day 39 feast. Then, they proceeded to final tribal council, where they were subject to questioning from the jury. In the end, Rafe won by a 6-1 decision, securing the votes of Ian, Stephenie, Brian, Danni, Blake and Cindy. Only Brooke voted for Margaret, about whom the general consensus seemed to be that she flip-flopped too much.

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Lydia OTTN3
Stephenie CP4
Rafe MOR3