Gervase peterson
Survivor: Borneo was the first survivor fan fiction season. It consisted of the sixteen original castaways on their original tribes. The idol was used.
Colleen Haskell Pagong

Eliminated-Day 3

Kelly Wiglesworth Tagi 1st Voted out-Day 6 5
Gretchen Cordy Pagong 2nd Voted out-Day 9 2
Ramona Gray Pagong Tagi 3rd voted out-Day 12 6
Stacey Stillman Tagi Tagi 4th voted out-Day 15 7
Rudy Boesch Tagi Tagi 5th voted out-Day 18 4
Joel Klug Pagong Tagi Rattana 6th voted out-Day 21 6
Richard Hatch Tagi Pagong

7th voted out-Day 24

First Jury Member

Sean "Doc" Kenniff Tagi Tagi

Eliminated-Day 27

Second Jury Member

Greg Buis Pagong Pagong

8th voted out-Day 30

Third Jury Member

B.B. Anderson Pagong Tagi

9th voted out-Day 33

Fourth Jury Member

Jenna Lewis Pagong Tagi

10th voted out-Day 36

Fifth Jury Member

Dirk Beem Tagi Pagong

11th voted out-Day 37

Sixth Jury Member

Sonja Christopher Tagi Tagi

12th voted out-Day 38

Seventh Jury Member

Sue Hawk Tagi Pagong Runner Up 4
Gervase Peterson Pagong Tagi Sole Survivor 14

l tribes. The idol was used.

Episode 1: Welcome to your New Home!

The episode began with Jeff welcoming the two tribes to Borneo. The tribes began the two hour trek to their camps and began setting up a shelter. At Pagong, Gervase annoyed his tribe by not doing any work. There was also no one experienced in construction, so they wound up building a bad shelter. At Tagi, self-appointed leader Richard and experienced young builder Dirk had an argument over building the shelter. Eventually, Richard got his way.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes swam to a raft where they had to pass and light their bamboo torch. Once they got to the beach they had to lift up their raft and run to the big statue. On the way, there were torches that needed to be lit. Once all of the torches are lit, teams had to light up a fire bowl. First tribe to light up the bowl wins immunity.
    • Reward:Water proof matches.

Tagi won immunity and matches in a close race. At Pagong, the tribe was unsure whether to vote for Gervase because of his laziness or Colleen because of her weakness in challenges. At tribal council, Gervase and Colleen tied 4-4. A fire building contest was conducted, with Gervase emerging victorious, sending Colleen home.

Episode 2:

Arriving back from tribal council, Jenna worried that she was next on the chopping block since she was tightly allied with Colleen. Meanwhile, Gervase and B.B. formed a tight alliance. The next morning at Tagi, Sue called out Sean for not properly building his fire. Sean was noticably offended. Kelly came down with stomach flu, and it really took its toll on her. Richard and Dirk continued to argue over the shelter and how to build the fire.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway was given a grub. If they refused to eat, their tribe would automatically lose.

At this anticlimactic challenge, Pagong won almost instantly because a sick Kelly could not eat the grub. Back at Pagong, Gervase found the clue to the idol in a tree, which he shared with B.B. The two had no luck in finding the idol. At Tagi, Kelly wanted to stay in the game, and Richard agreed to help her. He scrambled trying to get votes for Dirk. In the end, he could only get Stacey to vote with them, and Kelly was voted out 5-3.

Episdoe 3: Idol Hands

Heading back from tribal, Dirk was worried that he was on the chopping block because of the drama he had been creating with Richard. He resolved to try to get along with Richard better. The next day, a good fire was finally started by Rudy. At Pagong, Gervase and B.B. finally found the hidden immunity idol. Now feeling secure with his spot in the tribe, Gervase did less work than ever and was called out by Gretchen and Joel. At Tagi, Sue continued to annoy her tribemates by calling them out whenever they did something wrong.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe swam out to an inner tube attached to a sunken treasure chest. Once all of the tribe members are at their tube, they would dive down and drag their chest to shore.
    • Reward: Fishing supplies.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe built a stretcher, and raced into the woods to rescue one tribe member stuck in a tree. They then had to carry that tribe member back to the beach and to the first aid tent.

The reward was won by Tagi in a hotly contested battle. Immunity was one by Tagi by a large margin. Upon receiving the fishing gear, Richard noticed the clue to the idol in the basket. While he was putting in his pocket, it was spotted by Dirk. They reluctantly agreed to form an alliance. At Pagong's tribal council, Gervase played the idol, negating the five votes against him. He and B.B. voted for Gretchen, who was voted out 2-0.

Episode 4: Pullin' the Ol' Switcharoo

Coming back from tribal, Gervase was confronted for not playing fairly, accusations that he steadfastly denied. The tribe then tried to figure out who was Gervase's secret ally but had no luck in identifying B.B. Richard and Dirk found the idol at Tagi. The next day, the tribes gathered for a meeting, and it was announced that everyone would flip a coin. Heads meant that you were on Pagong, tails meant Tagi. This switch left Pagong hopelessly outnumbered, nine to four. Gervase did work at Tagi, and when his original tribemates accused him of being hypocritical, the original Tagi members backed him. At Pagong, Greg was admitted to Richard and Dirk's alliance, with the condition that he would be at the bottom of the totem pole.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways had to make a distress signal. the goal was to make the best S.O.S. signal for the plane (with Jeff in it) to see.
    • Reward: Hammocks, towels and pillows, plus two additional items (one chosen by each tribe).
  • Immunity Challenge: It was a five part relay race. The first member swam to a buoy, dove down and retrieved a map in a bottle. The second member ran across a floating bridge with the bottle to a waiting boat, where the second and third members would paddle to shore. The fourth member would break the bottle, check the map, and sprint into the jungle to find a rope ladder and a key. For the final leg, the two remaining tribe members had to locate a buried treasure chest and dig it up. The first tribe to unearth their treasure chest and bring it back to the start line and have the key inside the lock won.

Pagong won both the reward and immunity challenges. Dirk and Richard found the idol in a pillow case and were able to find the idol with ease. This gave them both idols and a huge advantage in the game. They decided to split them up, so Richard and Dirk each took one. At Tagi, Jenna, Joel and Ramona made an alliance and decided to get Greg to join them once they reached the merge. At tribal council, the four original Tagi members voted for Ramona for being the weakest former Pagong. Jenna, Joel and Ramona voted for Gervase, while Gervase and B.B. joined the original Tagis in voting out Ramona, who was blindsided 6-3.

Episode 5: Good Fences Make Totalitarianism

Coming back from tribal, Joel and Jenna agreed that they were in a bad position. They attempted to mend fences with Gervase and B.B., who were receptive to Joel and Jenna's argument but not totally sure. The next day at Pagong, Dirk and Sue had a huge fight over hunting for food. Back at Pagong, Gervase and B.B. agreed to help Jenna and Joel, but only if they would to whatever they were told.

  • Reward Challenge: Tribes would select three tribe members to shoot for the tribe in three rounds. The first one was a blow gun, the second round was a sling shot, and the third round was a spear toss.
    • Reward: Fruit and chickens.
  • Immunity Challenge: One person from each tribe rowed their boat around the buoys, picking up their tribe members waiting in the water. The first tribe to get all members back to shore won.

Tagi won the reward and Pagong won immunity. At Tagi, the Pagong alliance decided to vote for Stacey for being useless. The Tagi alliance decided to vote for Jenna. Gervase scrambled for Jenna and was able to convince everyone else on the other side to turn on Stacey. She was voted out 7-1.

Episdoe 6: Generation Gap

Coming back from tribal, Rudy realized that his alliance might have just made a terrible mistake. Sean and Sonja, meanwhile, seemed not to notice the risk in voting out Stacey. The next day at Pagong, Dirk began to catch fish, Richard was quickly finding and storing water and Greg had an excellent fire going. Life was extremely comfortable.

  • Reward Challenge: One at a time, each tribe member raced to a barrack. There were three different items in there (a can opener, a knife, and an Army helmet). The first tribe to get all of their items (with no duplicates) back to the start won reward.
    • Reward: Canned foods and a chocolate bar.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes raced through an Army obstacle course. The first two tribe members raced through the first part and met up with two more members, then they had to go through a puzzle and race to the finish line.

Life became even better at Pagong when they won the reward. They then went on to win immunity handily. The Tagis were becoming extremely discouraged and were glad that the merge was coming soon. Rudy made a speech about how just because he voted out Stacey didn't mean that he was with the former Pagongs. The speech cost Rudy dearly, and he was voted out 4-3.

Episode 7: The Merge

Coming back from tribal council, Sean and Sonja were worried about what would happen to the original Tagis in the merge, seeing as they were now even with theoriginal Pagongs. The next day, each tribe sent a representative to discuss where the merge would take place and the new tribe name. Tagi sent Sean and Pagong sent Richard. Sean eventually thought of the name "Rattana", and they both agreed that the merge should happen at Pagong beach. There was not a lot of drama as the game became individual.

  • Immunity Challenge: All ten castaways submerged themselves underwater to see how long they could hold their breath. The top three castaways then had another competition of releasing buoys along a ladder submerged underwater. The first castaway to release all of their buoys would win immunity.

Sue won immunity in a close race with Greg and Richard. It seemed like everyone would side with their original tribes. Greg, however, aware that Richard and Dirk controlled both idols, decided to stay with them and vote with Tagi. The Pagongs decided to vote off Richard for his arrogance. The Tagis, along with Greg, decided to nab the biggest physical threat, and Joel was blindsided 6-4.

Episdoe 8: An Epic Betrayal

Coming back from tribal council, the Pagongs smelled a rat by the name of Greg, but he denied everything. The next day, Gervase, who had given up on the situation, decided not to do any work. Conversely, Greg became the provider of his tribe. Richard worried about Sonja sliding under the radar and winning the prize. Sue continued to bug the crap out of Dirk and Sean by criticizing his fishing skills.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe member was to shoot at an archery target with a bow and arrow. The closest mark to the bullseye won.
    • Reward: A video from home and the chance to send a video home to them.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each member was connected to a piece of rope and needed to go to the checkpoints in number order (1–6) and collect the color carabiners at each check point and then cross the finish line.

Sue shocked everyone by winning her second straight challenge by a wide margin and getting to watch her video and send one home. At the immunity challenge, Dirk won by a large margin, securing immunity. Back at camp, Greg decided that he would rather stay with the Pagongs, and he told them that Dirk and Richard had the idols. The Pagongs trusted Greg and decided to flush the idol. The Tagis, thinking that Greg was still with them, wanted to vote for Gervase. At tribal council, Greg's plan came to fruition, and Richard was blindsided with the idol 5-4.

Episode 9: Purple Rock, What the Fock?

Coming back from tribal, an angry Dirk asked Greg if he had told the Pagongs that he had the idol. Greg honestly answered yes. The next day, Gervase continued to do absolutely nothing, knowing that he was safe. Jenna found the clue to the idol, but Sonja caught her. She told her tribe that Jenna may have found the idol, which was the first important move Sonja had made in the game. The Tagis forced Jenna to throw her clue into the sea.

  • Reward Challenge: A rope course with 16 legs, each leg had a medallion with the castaways number on it. First castaway to receive all of their medallions and get back to the center won reward.
    • Reward: A barbecue and letters from home.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways started on a square and moved one square at a time. As they moved, they had to flip over the square they were just on. Each castaway would go until they could no longer move. Last person standing wins immunity.

At the reward challenge, Jenna narrowly beat Greg. She decided to bring Greg on the reward with her. At the immunity challenge, Dirk won his second straight immunity. The Pagongs decided to vote for Sue because of her abraisiveness. The Tagis decided to vote for Jenna because of her craftiness. The two of them tied at 4-4. At the revote, they were still deadlocked. A purple rock tiebreaker was conducted, and Sean wound up being eliminated.

Episode 10: Revenge be a Bitch, Son

Coming back from tribal council, everyone was shocked that Sean had been sent home. They sat around the fire and remembered how he would make them laugh and keep their spirits up. The next day, Sue and Gervase had a huge confrontation about his lack of work ethic. In his anger, Gervase stormed off yelling expletives. Sue then complained to the rest of her tribe how she was sick of being the only one who did any work.

  • Reward Challenge: Each person started at one end of a balance beam. There were three rounds, where the first half to make it to the other end of the balance beam would move on. The first person to get to the end with both feet on the platform without falling off would win.
    • Reward: A slice of Pizza and a phone call home.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway had a few minutes to grab all of the kindling necessary to build a fire. They then had to take their torch out to the water to floating woks, light their torch, and bring it back to their pile of wood to start their fire. The first person to burn through their rope won.

Gervase barely beat Sonja to win reward, but he decided to share his pizza with everyone. This gesture was well received. At the immunity challenge, Sue won her thrid challenge and second immunity. The Pagongs decided to blindside Dirk, the biggest immunity threat. The Tagis decided to have Dirk play the idol and vote off Greg, who had betrayed them. The Tagis' plan succeeded, and Greg was voted off 3-0.

Episode 11: Yachts and Thoughts

The Pagongs were pissed that Dirk had caught wind of the plan and played his idol. The next morning, Jeff came to the camp and read the final clue to the idol. He then said that the next tribal would be the last time that the idol could be played. Sonja found the idol, but she continued to pretend to look. No one suspected anything. Sue began to make a chart in the sand that kept track of everyone's contributions to the camp. The intention was not well received.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway was given a questionnaire about Borneo. The person who answered the most correctly won.
    • Reward: The person will go on an overnight trip on a yacht and was given a Visa card.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each person stood next to each other on a set of 5 planks. One plank would be removed over time until they got down to one plank. Whoever stayed on the longest would win.

Jenna won the reward in a close one over Sonja and Gervase. She was surprised when her daughters visisted her on the yacht. She spent the night. At the immunity challenge, Gervase narrowly won immunity over Dirk. Sonja decided to give her idol to Dirk, since he was the natural target. The Tagis made up their minds to vote off B.B. since he was more likely to win the game than Jenna. The Pagongs did indeed want to vote for Dirk. At tribal, Dirk played the idol, and B.B. left the game 3-0.

Episode 12: A Final Attempt

Coming back from tribal council, Jenna and Gervase were not happy, but they applauded Sonja's strategy. Jenna knew that she would be next if she did not win immunity. Dirk caught a boar in the woods and brought it back to camp. He also made a huge bonfire that night. Sue continued to keep her chart and yelled at Gervase for not getting a single point.

  • Reward Challenge: Under a time limit of five minutes, tribe members dove into a mud pit and covered their body with as much mud as they can, then raced back and scraped it off into a bucket. They could not carry mud in their arms or in their hands, only their body. The buckets are then weighed, and the heaviest bucket won.
    • Reward: A cold beer, then picked up, blindfolded and taken to a mysterious bar to watch the first five minutes of this season.
  • Immunity Challenge: "Survivor Witch Project": Jeff told the castaways a story about Borneo folklore. Once he was done, the castaways went out to the woods (where the masks with questions on them were scattered) with a video camera to record their answers. The first person to get back to the start with all of the masks and the questions right on tape won immunity.

Jenna narrowly defeated Gervase, giving her her second straight reward challenge victory. She enjoyed her beer with Jeff and watched the first five minutes of the season. Sonja shocked everyone when she won the immunity challenge. The Tagis agreed that there was no point in turning on one another and decided to vote out Jenna. Jenna attempted to convince Sue to vote for Gervase. In the end, Sue did. Gervase received two votes, Jenna received two and Dirk received one. At the revote, Jenna finally met her demise. 2-2-1 officially, 2-1 in the revote.

Episode 13: Finale

Coming back from tribal council, Gervase, Dirk, Sue and Sonja were excited to be in the final four. The next day, Gervase decided to do no work so that he would be taken to the end because it would be a sure thing that he would not get many votes. He and Sue made an alliance to vote off whichever one of the others didn't win immunity. Meanwhile, Dirk knew that he needed to win immunity to stay in the game.

  • First Immunity Challenge: Jeff asked 10 questions about the jury members. The person who got the most the questions right won immunity.

In a close one with Gervase, Sue won immunity. Gervase and Sue stuck with their alliance and voted for Dirk, while Sonja voted for Gervase and Dirk voted for Sonja. Dirk became the next person to leave the game with a 2-1-1 vote. The next morning, the final three was awoken at four o'clock. They went on the right of passage, allowing them to honor their fellow competitors. They then went to the final challenge.

  • Second Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small log. The person who lasted the longest wins immunity.

Gervase won immunity without tiring. At tribal, Sonja argued for her staying by saying that she had not played a very good physical or strategic game and did not deserve the money. Sue argued that she had offended people at times and no one would vote for her. In the end, Gervase stuck to his alliance and voted for Sonja. The next morning, a final two breakfast was waiting for Gervase and Sue. Gervase commented that he could not believe that he was the last Pagong member since he was first on the chopping block. At final tribal council, Richard stated that he hated Gervase's underhanded strategic game and was happy that Sue made it to the end to represent the Tagi-Pagong tribe. Sean stated that the two seemed to be polar opposites and asserted that being called out was worse than just not working at all. Greg, not thinking either was worthy, asked Gervase and Sue to pick a number between one and ten. Gervase picked 10, Sue picked 6. B.B. thanked Gervase for his friendship and asked if Sue could think of any reason for him to not vote for Gervase. Jenna said that she admired Gervase's strategy and thanked him for being a good friend to her and a likeable person. Dirk focused on the physical game and said that he would be voting for the person who won more challenges. Sonja congratualated both of them for making it as far as they did and told Gervase that there were no hard feelings. In the end, Gervase won 4-3. He received the votes of Sean, Greg, B.B. and Jenna.

Tagi Tagi Colleen
None Pagong Kelly
Tagi Tagi Gretchen
Pagong Pagong Ramona
Tagi Pagong Stacey
Pagong Pagong Rudy
None Sue Joel
Sue Dirk Richard
Jenna Dirk Sean
Gervase Sue Greg
Jenna Gervase B.B.
Jenna Sonja Jenna

Challenge 1: Sue

Challenge 2: Gervase

Dirk, Sonja