Sue Hawk Chapera 1st voted out-Day 3 4
Zoe Zanidakis Mogo Mogo 2nd voted out-Day 6 5
"Fast" Brian Heidik Mogo Mogo 3rd voted out-Day 9 3
Osten Taylor Saboga Evacuated-Day 12 0
Lindsay Richter Saboga Chapera 4th voted out-Day 15 6
Kim Powers Mogo Mogo Chapera 5th voted out-Day 17 6
Robb Zbacnik Chapera Saboga 6th voted out-Day 19 4
Jerri Manthey Saboga Saboga Evacuated-Day 21 0
Matthew von Ertfelda Mogo Mogo Saboga Saboga 7th voted out-Day 24 3
Colby Donaldson Chapera Saboga Chapera Mogo Sapera

8th voted out-Day 27

1st Jury Member

Tammy Leitner Saboga Chapera Chapera Mogo Sapera

9th voted out-Day 28

2nd Jury Member

Dirk Been Saboga Saboga Chapera Mogo Sapera

10th voted out-Day 30

3rd Jury Member

Robert "The General" DeCanio Mogo Mogo Chapera Chapera Mogo Sapera

11th voted out-Day 33

4th Jury Member

Gervase Peterson Chapera Chapera Chapera Mogo Sapera

12th voted out-Day 36

5th Jury Member

Heidi Strobel Chapera Chapera Saboga Mogo Sapera

13th voted out-Day 37

6th Jury Member

Stephanie Dill Mogo Mogo Saboga Saboga Mogo Sapera

14th voted out-Day 38

7th Jury Member

Jenna Lewis Chapera Saboga Saboga Mogo Sapera Runner up 3
Hunter Ellis Saboga Chapera Saboga Mogo Sapera Sole Survivor 0

Episode 1: They're Back!

Eighteen former players returned to the game and were surprised to learn that they would be placed on three tribes of six. At Chapera, Gervase, Zbacnik and Heidi found themselves separated from the other half of the tribe, which had a much better work ethic. At Saboga, they were able to construct an excellent shelter, which Hunter referred to as his baby. The three females formed a close alliance. At Mogo Mogo, the big personalities of Zoe, Fast Brian, The General and Matthew kept bouncing off of each other, leading to lots of arguments and little work getting done.

  • 'Immunity Challenge:' The contestants would start on floating platforms, and they must dive down to retrieve a raft on the ocean floor. Then they must transport the raft to the beach, and pass and light torches along the way. First two tribes to light their torches and bring the raft to the beach win immunity. This challenge was based on the very first challenge of Survivor: Borneo.

At the challenge, Saboga finished first, followed by Mogo Mogo. At Chapera, the three lazy members of the tribe tried to decide who to vote for. After narrowing it down to Sue and Jenna, they decided to go with Sue, as Gervase still had loyalties to Jenna from season one. The workers had a similar conversation, and chose to vote for Gervase. After a heartfelt talk with Gervase, Jenna was convinced to flip her vote, and Sue was blindsided 4-2.

Episode 2

Colby, knowing that he had been the only one to side with Sue at tribal, decided that he either had to find an idol or make inroads with the others. Additionally, he talked to Jenna anrgily about her flipping. She was somewhat remorseful, but aware of Colby's bad position in the tribe, did not agree to come back with him. It rained hard overnight, and due to their bad shelter, Mogo Mogo got soaked. They got little work done during the day, thus starting a viscious cycle. At Saboga, Dirk and Osten, identifying themselves at two young and fit dudes, formed a tight alliance. Meanwhile, Hunter annoyed his tribe by working on his baby and not doing very much contributing to the rest of the work that needed to get done around camp.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes must swim out to retrieve five logs from the ocean. After one log is retrieved, the tribes would lose one member so the final log is carried by only one tribemate. The tribes must then use the logs to build a staircase. First tribe to build their staircase and use it to reach a platform wins reward. This challenge was based on Survivor: Africa.
    • Reward: The winning tribe could choose between blankets, or they could trade their reward for flint, a pot, and the clue to the idol. Should they choose the second option, all three tribes would receive flint and a pot.
  • Immunity Challenge: There are three boats at the ocean floor. Each tribe must swim down to retrieve their boat, and then clear the heavy cargo and water out of it. First two tribes to row to the shore and carry their boat over the finish line win immunity. This challenge was based on Survivor: Marquesas.

Thanks largely to the efforts of Dirk and Hunter, Saboga won the reward challenge easily. Not wanting to make it seem like anyone was overstrategizing, wanting to keep the other tribes week and keeping in mind their comfortable tribe life, they chose the blankets instead of the flint, pot and clue. Colby was frustrated that his tribe did not win, as he needed the idol. Meanwhile, Jerri found the clue to the idol rolled up inside one of the blankets. Saboga also won immunity, with Chapera coming in a close second, sending Mogo Mogo to tribal council. Although everyone was cautiously strategizing, Zoe came out swinging in an effort to take out The General, with whom she had a long standing feud. Although the three men argued constantly, the admitted they had a fondness for each other and came together to vote for Zoe. Stephanie and Kim joined them, and Zoe was voted out unanimously.

Episode 3

Coming back from tribal, Kim worried that she and Stephanie had made a mistake in allowing the men to outnumber the women, but Stephanie reassured her by saying that Matthew would be easy to convince to vote against either Fast Brian or The General. The next day, Fast Brian and Matthew had a huge fight about building a shelter, leading to Matthew's building a hammock and sleeping sepately from the rest of the tribe. At Saboga, Jerri succeeded in finding the idol and chose to keep it for herself. Meanwhile, the men were feeling extremely arrogant about their tribe's situation. At Chapera, Zbacnik started a rumor about Colby and blamed it on Gervase; Colby believed this, starting a feud between the two men. Meanwhile, Heidi privately confessed that she hoped Matthew would be voted off soon, as the two of them had had a bad breakup in the past year and not spoken since. She feared his crazy nature and regretted ever having gotten into anything with him.

Reward Challenge: Prior the challenge, each tribe received a box containing supplies from Home Depot. Using the tools provided, each tribe had 24 hours to build a home at their camp. Once the 24 hours is up, Jeff will send a judge to rate the homes on size, strength, and creativity. The winning tribe wins reward.

Reward: A surprise reward of blankets, mats and wine.

Immunity Challenge: One castaway from each tribe would work as a caller to direct their tribemates, who would be blindfolded and teamed up in pairs, in collecting ten large puzzle pieces from a field. Once all of the puzzle pieces were collected, the entire tribe would work together to assemble the puzzle. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle win immunity. The challenge was based on Survivor: Thailand.

At Mogo Mogo, Fast Brian led the building while Matthew led the creative side, and the results were nothing short of disastrous. The General was annoyed at the two women for just sitting back and letting Matthew and Fast Brian run free. Saboga did an excellent job at building and was led by Hunter and Dirk; however, the women felt that they were being marginalized. At Chapera, Gervase surprised everybody by actually doing his share of the work and reconciling with Colby, which annoyed Zbacnik. In the end, Chapera won the reward, which upset Hunter. Colby succeeded in finding the clue to the idol. Thanks to Hunter's calling, Saboga won immunity; Chapera, with Jenna calling, came in second, sending Mogo Mogo to another tribal council. Fast Brian and The General decided that it would be best to keep a male majority and vote out Kim, who had failed as caller. However, Matthew was intent on ousting Fast Brian, whom he hated, and asked Kim and Stephanie for help. They gave it to him, and Fast Brian was voted out 3-2.

Episode 4

The General was angry that not only had his tribe made a bad decision, but that he now also would be forced to scramble in order to stay in the game just like on his original season. He tried talking with Matthew but was quickly rejected; he realized that he would need the help of the girls in order to stay in the game. The next day, Matthew officially asserted himself as the tribe leader. The girls, wanting Matthew to take a fall later in the game for being a leader, and The General, not wanting to ruffle any more feathers, allowed him to go along with it. At Saboga, Osten complained that he was sick and did not pull his weight around camp. Most tribe members were sympathetic, but it annoyed Jerri. Dirk and Tammy observed that Hunter may be overworking himself. They told him to tone it down and take a break, but he didn't listen. A pig ran through Chapera's camp, and Colby was the only one who made any sort of effort to catch it. This angered him, and he yelled at the rest of his tribe for being lazy, calling them scumbags. His position in the tribe sunk further. He tried to locate the idol, but he failed.

Reward Challenge: Each castaway will receive a box containing four items. The goal was to match an item to another castaway's item. The tribe scoring the most matches wins reward. This challenge was based on Survivor: The Amazon.

Reward: A shower, toilet and assortment of toiletries. Additionally, the first and second place tribes would receive a clue to one of the keys to open the box of rice.

Mogo Mogo pulled off an upset by winning, despite Matthew's quirks in matching up the items. They were extremely happy about getting their reward. In the reward basket, Kim found the clue to the idol and shared it with Stephanie. Meanwhile, Hunter was disappointed in himself for losing the challenge, at which point he realized Dirk and Tammy's point that he may be running himself ragged. Back at Saboga's camp, Osten went to get water in the woods and collapsed due to his illness. The medical team was called in, and Osten was cleared to keep playing, but Jeff told him that if he wanted, he could pull himself from the game and no one would think less of him. Osten, citing the fact that he was in a lot of pain, pulled himself and left the game. Due to his evacuation, there was no immunity challenge.

Episode 5

Dirk was worried because Osten, his closest ally, had been evacuated. He somewhat irrationally did not trust Hunter, so he tried to forge an alliance with Tammy and Lindsay. They were somewhat receptive, but his sudden scrambling made them think that he may have had an alliance with Osten behind their back, which made them not trust him. Additionally, Lindsay said that she won the game the last time by playing it safe in an alliance and did not want to play that way again. At Chapera, Zbacnik caught Colby looking for the idol and figured out that he had a clue. He informed the whole tribe, further damaging Colby's reputation and standing with the tribe. At Mogo Mogo, Stephanie invented a game using coconut husks. Everyone enjoyed it but Matthew, who yelled at her for being lazy inventing games when they had a bad shelter. As the three tribes gathered for the reward challenge, Jeff announced that there would be a tribe switch and that Mogo Mogo would be dissolved; everyone would blindly draw a rock from a bag: red for Chapera and yellow for Saboga. The new Saboga consisted of Matthew, Colby, Zbacnik, Dirk, Jenna, Jerri and Stephanie. The new Chapera consisted of Hunter, The General, Gervase, Kim, Lindsay, Heidi and Tammy. Then they did the reward challenge.

Reward Challenge: Prior to the reward challenge, each tribe had to construct a raft out of bamboo poles. The tribes must use their rafts to rescue two tribemates, and then they must paddle out to a buoy to grab a flag. Then they must race their flag to the shore and cross the finish line. First tribe to cross the finish line wins reward. This challenge was based on Survivor: Marquesas

Reward: Fishing hooks and a fishing spear.

Immunity Challenge: The castaways must race across balance beams to retrieve tribe-colored flags. When two castaways of opposing tribes met in the middle, they must battle until one falls into the water. First tribe to collect twenty flags wins immunity. This challenge was based on Survivor: Thailand.

Although the actual rafting part of the challenge was much closer, Hunter's quick lashing abilities allowed Chapera to get a big win. Although he was sad that he would be leaving his baby, he knew that with the new fishing gear, he could quickly establish himself as invaluable to his new tribe. Gervase grabbed the clue to the idol, which had been unfound by Colby, when no one was looking. He was able to find it. Meanwhile, The General and Tammy reestablished a close bond that carried over from their original season, while Kim was hurt when longtime ally Lindsay told her that she didn't want to play in an alliance. At the new Saboga, Zbacnik told the rest of the tribe how Colby was conniving and a terrible influence around camp. Jenna, who had come over with them, told him to tone it down, but he didn't listen. At the immunity challenge, Saboga won, sending Chapera to tribal. Kim, in addition to the fact that she was hurt that Lindsay didn't want to play with her again, was worried that Lindsay wouldn't be loyal to the tribe at a merge. People were also afraid of letting past winners get far in the game. She tried to get support to vote her out, and she got it. Lindsay voted for Gervase, but everyone else voted for Lindsay, blindsiding her.

Episode 6

Due to the fact that everyone had been together in voting out Lindsay, there were no ill feelings after tribal council. With Hunter catching a lot of fish and The General and Gervase working to improve the shelter, things were going pretty well around camp. However, Tammy and The General were afraid of Kim's mercilessness in taking out her former close ally and considered taking her out next, along with a potential alliance of Hunter and Heidi. At Saboga, Colby, who had been unable to catch a break for the entire game, worked hard around camp to prove his worth; however, this was interpreted as an act of desperation and some of the tribe members were insulted that he would try to trick them into thinking he was a hard worker in order to stay on. Jeff came to both camps and announced that there would be no reward challenge in order to give the tribes a chance to better get to know each other. Matthew offered Colby a chance at redemption by telling him he could go with him and help provide for the tribe, but Colby rudely sent Matthew away; Matthew became one of the most vocal supporters to oust Colby. Colby went to Jerri for help in turning around his reputation, but Jerri wanted to keep her distance. Back at Chapera, Gervase offered Heidi physical protection from Matthew once they reached the merge in exchange for her alliegence in the game. She considered the proposal.

Immunity Challenge: The tribes must use a balance beam to stomp food items into the air. The goal was for the castaways to all of their tribe's food items into their tribe's basket. First tribe to have all their food items in the basket wins reward. This challenge was based on Survivor: Africa.

Thanks to a monster contribution from Colby, Saboga won their second straight immunity, saving him for another few days. Tammy and The General pitched their idea of an alliance to Hunter and Heidi. Hunter feigned enthusiasm, but had huge doubts about trusting them after they voted him off of Marquesas. Heidi, however, was on board, and she informed Gervase that she agreed to his proposition of protection for alliegence; she told him of the new alliance, and Gervase was on board. Meanwhile, Kim tried to get support to vote off Gervase, who she thought was both lazy and sneaky. This seemed like a safer idea to Hunter, who went along with her. At tribal council, The General, Tammy and Heidi, along with Gervase, put their plan into motion and blindsided a stunned Kim 4-2, leaving Hunter on the outside.

​Episode 7

Coming back from tribal council, The General and Tammy were not happy that Gervase had been their fourth instead of Hunter. They had deliberately left Gervase out of their alliance because they were afraid of him, and they told this to Heidi in an annoyed tone. However, they decided that for now, they'd just have to roll with it. The General feared that Gervase would get Hunter to vote either him or Tammy out; he resolved to make inroads with Hunter. The next day, Hunter, with the help of The General, made a record catch with the fishing gear and the two bonded. Heidi debated whether or not to tell Gervase about The General and Tammy's distrust of him. Meanwhile at Saboga, Stephanie thought that Colby's work ethic might be genuine after all. Upon talking to him, she learned that he had been getting a raw deal the whole game and told Dirk and Jenna that they should consider keeping him and nabbing Zbacnik, who everyone knew had a villainous streak. Jenna was receptive enough, but Dirk thought that Colby's presence made his own value diminish. Dirk figured that if he were the youngest and strongest tribe member, it would  keep him around. Zbacnik made an alliance with Jerri. Both appeared to be honest to one another, but they both intended to cut the other one loose at some point.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways would start on floating platforms. One at a time, the castaways must swim to retrieve designated floating puzzle pieces. Once all puzzle pieces are gathered, they must assemble them to form a boat, which they must paddle to shore. One tribe member must then run through the jungle to raise a flag and retrieve additional paddles. The tribes must then race back to their floating platform. First tribe to arrive at their platform wins reward.

Reward: Immunity, plus a barbecue feast, beer and dessert. In a twist, the winning tribe must kidnap a member of the losing tribe to join them on the reward. The kidnapped castaway would also be immune from vote.

Chapera won the challenge and were overjoyed at the prospect of getting a feast. The General suggested kidnapping Colby due to his strength, but Gervase and Heidi, former tribemates of his, refused, stating that they hated him. This gave Tammy the idea that Colby was in danger with his tribe. Wanting to stir things up and throw off Saboga's voting plan, The General, Tammy and Hunter outvoted Heidi and Gervase; Colby was kidnapped, giving him immunity. Over the tribe feast, Colby revealed that they were right about his being in danger. He pledged loyalty to The General, Tammy and Hunter if they all made the merge. Hunter saw Tammy and The General saving Colby as a heroic move, and he forgot his apprehensions of trusting them. Meanwhile at Saboga, Zbacnik was extremely upset at losing Colby; he now had to make a new voting strategy. Targeting Jenna for her physical weakness, he was able to get the support of Matthew, who favored a physically strong tribe. He also counted on the support of Jerri, his ally, and he braced himself for a tied vote between Jenna and himself, as Stephanie had trying to get support to take him out. However, Jerri decided to move with Stephanie, Jenna and Dirk to take out the game's biggest strategic threat, and Zbacnik was voted out 4-2.

​Episode 8

Coming back from tribal, Matthew was angry and hurt that the plot to take out Zbacnik had been kept from him. To show his anger, he made a bed away from the tribe and slept alone. The next morning, Colby came back; he was overjoyed to see that Zbacnik had been voted out, but the tribe still generally hated him and were made that he had made them vote out a fairly productive member. A big rain storm started up, complicating life for the tribes. Hunter wanted to keep fishing, but The General argued that he needed to stay as warm as possible and made him stay in the shelter, causing a bit of tension between the two. At Saboga, Colby, who was now confident in his alliance with the Chaperas, did less work and conserved energy for the challenge so that he could survive to the merge.

Reward Challenge: Each castaway would face off with a castaway of the same gender on the opposing tribe on a free-spinning log. First person to hit the water would be out of the challenge, and the winner would score a point for their tribe. First tribe to score five points wins reward. This challenge was based on Survivor: The Amazon.

Reward: A lot of Pringles.

Chapera won the reward, leading to a big celebration. Upon arriving back at camp, they ate themselves sick on Pringles and bonded as a tribe. At Saboga, there was a general downcast, as they had come extremely close in the challenge and lost it. Jerri seemed more depressed than the rest of her tribemates. Colby, looking for any angle he could to stay in the game, pretended to notice that she was suffering from symptoms of shock and called for the medical team. Dirk and Stephanie figured out what he was trying to do and called him out. However, the team did find that Jerri's heartrate was abnormally low and made the stunning decision to pull her, stating she was suffering from hypothermia. Still, the tribe was extremely annoyed with Colby for his seemingly weasely ways. Due to Jerri's departure (with the idol in her pocket), there was no tribal council.

Episode 9

The two tribes were now even at five each, and everyone expected a traditional merge at the final ten. However, at what seemed to be an early reward challenge, Jeff announced that this would not be the case and said that new tribes would be assembled based on a schoolyard pick. The two randomly selected captains were The General and Stephanie; they had to start by picking someone not on their current tribe. The new Chapera consisted of The General, Dirk, Tammy, Colby and Gervase; the Saboga consisted of Stephanie, Hunter, Jenna, Heidi and Matthew. Back at camp, Matthew was angry about being the last one picked and confronted Stephanie, who pretty much ignored him; he grimly said that he'd need to continue to sleep alone. Hunter was very happy about being reunited with his baby and reasserted himself as the leader of Saboga, even though it was pretty much a tribe of totally different people. Matthew tried to make awkward conversation with Heidi, his ex, which was not well-received. At Chapera, Gervase was annoyed that Colby had been chosen before him and saw a bit of a pecking order in the picking order. He told Dirk that he thought that The General, Tammy and Colby may have an alliance to take them out; however, Dirk, remembering Gervase's ways from Borneo, was not quick to trust him. Meanwhile, The General wondered when the heck the merge was.

Reward Challenge: There was no reward challenge due to the tribal swap.

Immunity Challenge: The tribes must answer questions about Survivor from season one to season seven. First tribe to answer ten questions correctly wins immunity.

The new Chapera pulled out victory, sending the new Saboga to tribal council. Back at camp, Stephanie and Jenna decided that they had finally had enough of Matthew, and Heidi was extremely quick to jump on board to oust her ex-boyfriend. Matthew voted for Stephanie, and Hunter, who the girls had deliberately kept out of the loop, voted for Heidi, but it was Matthew who was blindsided and had to leave the game by a vote of 3-1-1.

Episode 10

Coming back from tribal, Hunter was worried that the three women had formed an alliance to take out the men. He hoped for a merge so that he could play his own game with his allies, all of whom were on the other tribe. He continued to pull more than his share of the weight around camp. He got a little help from Jenna, but Stephanie and Heidi pretty much did nothing. Meanwhile at Chapera, Gervase considered showing Dirk his idol to gain his trust, but decided against it; however, he kept it open as an option in the future. For the second straight week, there was no reward challenge, as Jeff announced that the two tribes would be merging at Saboga's camp. Hunter was overjoyed that he would be able to keep sleeping with his baby. The tribe bonded over making a new tribe flag and naming their new tribe Mogo Sapera. The alliance of The General, Tammy, Hunter and Colby reconvened and decided that they needed to take Gervase and Heidi along as their fifth and sixth. Gervase was receptive when they proposed the alliance to him; however, they did not know that Gervase had already figured that he and Heidi were on the bottom of the totem pole and had plans of his own. Gervase was able to arouse support from Heidi, Stephanie, Jenna and Dirk to take out Hunter, who he said would probably win every immunity and then win the game due to his popularity and hard work.

Immunity Challenge: The men and the women competed separately for immunity. The first round is a competition to determine who can hold their breath underwater the longest. Two men and two women would move on the final round, where they must swim underwater to release ten buoys. The first man and the first woman to release ten buoys win immunity. This challenge was based on the first individual immunity challenge of Survivor: Borneo.

Unfortunately for Gervase's plan, Hunter dominted the challenge from beginning to end to win the immunity for the men. Stephanie won for the women. Back at camp, as both sides were extremely confident, there was not much scrambling going on. The alliance of The General, Tammy, Hunter and Colby were going to vote for Dirk, the strongest outsider, and the counted on the support of Gervase and Heidi. However, going by the necessity to weaken Hunter and the rest of the tribe's general hatred for Colby, they got the rest of the tribe to vote for the unlucky Texan. At tribal council, Gervase made his move and Colby was finally voted out 5-4. However, he survived to make the jury; given the way the game had been going for him, it was a remarkable performance.

Episode 11

Coming back from tribal, The General, Tammy and Hunter were livid with Gervase for his betrayal. He tried to tell them that he only did it because Colby was so hated and he wanted to promote unity around camp, but they didn't want to hear it. The next day, Tammy tried to insert herself into an alliance with Heidi, Stephanie and Jenna, but found that they, along with Gervase and Dirk, were resolved to carry out their plan of exterminating Hunter and all his allies as soon as they could. Her case wasn't helped when her ally The General got into a fight with Gervase about loyalty. Hunter attempted to bond with Dirk, telling him that the two strongest guys left in the game should stick together. Dirk considered going along with this in order to be heroic.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways would compete in two teams of four to navigate through an obstacle course. The must fight through twigs, navigate a series of balance beams, and participate in a belly crawl. Then they must climb a 10-foot wall, build a bridge and cross it, use a rope ladder to climb to a tower and cross a rope bridge. One team member must wait while the rest descend a ladder and dig out a buried flag. Once the flag is dug up, the one left waiting must zip down a line to grab a key. They must use the key to unlock a gate, allowing the team members to pass through and cross the finish line. First team to cross the finish line wins reward. Then the winning four must compete against each other for immunity. Each team member must complete slide puzzle. First castaway to slide out their knife and cut a rope to raise a flag wins immunity.

Reward: The winning team would receive letters from home as well as rain parkas. The castaway that wins immunity gets a chance to watch a video from home while enjoying hot chocolate.

The team of Hunter, Gervase, Dirk and Jenna won the reward portion and got parkas as well as their letters from home. Hunter pulled out his second consecutive individual immunity, again spoiling Gervase's plans to vote him out. He got to watch a video from his girlfriend. Back at camp, Gervase wanted to vote out The General, but Jenna argued that they should get rid of Tammy due to her skill at scrambling. Meanwhile, Hunter pleaded with Dirk to make a move and vote for Gervase. In the end, Dirk stuck with the majority and helped to vote out Tammy 5-3; she became the second jury member.

Episode 12

The General and Hunter seemed somewhat resigned to their fate when they came back from tribal. The General was surprised that it hadn't been him going home because he considered himself a better physical threat than Tammy. The next day, Gervase worked on his endgame and made a final 2 pact with Heidi, who he assumed wouldn't win, as she had won before. He plotted with her that after they got rid of The General and Hunter that Dirk had to be next. Meanwhile, Stephanie burned Hunter's socks in the fire when he wasn't looking in order to weaken him during the challenges. His feet began to blister slightly.

Reward Challenge: At the challenge site, there were a set of masks for each castaway. Each castaway must fill out a questionnaire that asks personal information and private opinions on others. Then they must vote on what they think the most common answer would be. Each castaway who answers a question correctly would be allowed to cut a section of rope connected to the swinging log of the castaway they wanted eliminated. Three cuts of the rope would send the logs smashing into the mask. Last person left with their mask intact wins reward.

Reward: All the castaways would go to a restaurant. The winner must choose what each castaway would eat at the restaurant.

Immunity Challenge: Each castaway would stand on a post directly under a bucket of water connected to their wrists. When a castaway drops their hand, they get poured on and are eliminated from the challenge. Last dry castaway wins immunity.This Challenge was based on Survivor: Africa.

At the reward challenge, Hunter and The General were quickly eliminated, which angered them. Dirk, due to his likability, came out on top, which worried Gervase, as he was afraid that a jury would look favorably upon him. At the restaurant, Dirk gave Hunter a protein rich meal, which made Gervase suspicious about Dirk's loyalties. Dirk did it because of his warriors' pact with Hunter. At immunity, Hunter outlasted Gervase to win another immunity. Dirk's behavior had been worrying Gervase, and he decided to try for a blindside. He told Jenna and Stephanie, who liked Dirk, that the vote was for The General. Gervase then told The General to vote for Dirk if he wanted to stay alive in the game; The General was sworn to secrecy. Gervase calculated that if his plan worked, then there would be a tie vote and Dirk would go home at the revote. At tribal, the tribe discussed when the best time was to make any kind of big move. Dirk and The General tied at 3-3-1, with Hunter casting a lone vote for Jenna. At the revote, Hunter was unable to vote for his longtime ally and joined Gervase and Heidi in completing the blindside of Dirk, who joined the jury by a vote of 3-2.

Episode 13

The General was once again spared, but he knew that his days in the game were numbered. He was grateful that Hunter had lost his socks and was disadvantaged in challenges; he knew that the only way to keep surviving in the game was to win immunity challenges. Stephanie angrily confronted Gervase regarding his blindside of Dirk, who told her that Dirk was playing both sides and had to go. Stephanie threatened to get revenge by siding with Hunter and The General, and Gervase dared her to do it. In reality, Stephanie was extremely worried about making any sort of big move like that, as she had no reason to trust the two of them. Hunter kept off his feet for most of the time in an effort to save any strength he had in them for the challenges, which annoyed a few tribemates.

Reward Challenge: The All-Stars' loved ones will participate in the challenge instead of the All-Stars. The loved ones must eat types of indigenous foods from past seasons. Each round will feature a different food item, with the loved one that finishes last being eliminated from the challenge. Last loved one left wins reward.This Challenge was based on Survivor: Thailand.

Reward: A night with their loved one at the old Chapera camp.

Immunity Challenge: The goal of this challenge is to ignite the top of a "teeter-totter tower". East castaway must gather firewood and use matches to start a fire in one bucket. Then they must fill a bucket on the opposite side of the teeter-totter with water. To make things more difficult, the water bucket will have a hole in it. First castaway to ignite their tower wins immunity. The challenge was based on Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Stephanie's boyfriend Mike wound up winning the challenge, and they were able to spend the night together at the old Chapera beach. They shared a nice meal. Back at camp, Gervase brought up the possibility of nabbing Stephanie, as she was annoying him, but Heidi tried to convince him to get back to voting off Huner, as she was worried that their alliance couldn't withstand another betrayal. Despite walking on damaged feet, Hunter edged The General for his fourth straight individual immunity. Back at camp, Gervase told The General and Hunter to vote for Stephanie in case he decided to go ahead with a blindside. Seizing an opportunity, The General told Stephanie what Gervase had told him, and she confronted Gervase angrily, swearing to flip. Gervase kept calm, as he assumed she didn't have the strength to go through with it. Hunter and The General told Stephanie and Jenna to vote for Gervase; they agreed, but inside, they were totally torn on what to do. At tribal council, another fight sparked between Gervase and Stephanie. In the end, Gervase was convinced by Heidi that it was time to take out The General, and Stephanie and Jenna, too afraid to flip, followed suit. However, Gervase did play his idol, which needlessly negated the two votes cast against him. The General was voted out 4-0 and became the fourth jury member.

Episode 14

Hunter was disappointed but unsurprised as he came back from tribal. Realizing that his good luck in challenges probably wouldn't last forever, he tried to make a deal with Stephanie and Jenna to make a move against Gervase at the next vote. They listened, but they agreed that they probably didn't want to sneak around and make a deal on the side with Hunter. He also told Heidi that her pairing with Gervase made her look bad and that she had to make an aggressive move to distance herself if she wanted to win, advice that she considered. Meanwhile, Gervase was feeling great about his spot in the tribe.

Reward Challenge: The castaways must cross a long balance beam, with the last to cross being eliminated from the challenge. The last four must then do a military crawl to a slide puzzle, with the last to finish the puzzle being eliminated from the challenge. The last three must then stomp an item from a balance beam into a raised bucket three times, with the last one to complete the round being eliminated. The last two must then climb a rope ladder to catch a flying fox. First castaway to jump off the flying fox and grab a set of keys wins reward.

Reward: A brand new Chevrolet Colorado, as well as a trip to a drive-in to watch a screening of Caddyshack in their new truck.

Immunity Challenge: The castaways must search through a bundle of letters for a list of all the past Survivor tribes. The seventeen tribe names will intersect and share letters. Once all the tribe names are found, the castaways must unscramble the intersecting letters to form a winning word, which turned out to be "Mogo Sapera". First castaway to unscramble the winning word wins immunity.

Gervase won the reward challenge with ease and thoroughly enjoyed his reward. His post-win gloating angered Stephanie. At the immunity challenge, Hunter took home yet another victory thanks to his quick thinking, ensuring his safety at a fifth straight tribal council. Back at camp, it became clear that the alliance would turn on itself--that Gervase and Heidi would vote for Stephanie and that Stephanie and Jenna would vote for Gervase. Hunter figured that although Gervase was far more unpopular with a jury than Stephanie, he also posed a much bigger threat in the challenges. In the interest of knocking off his competition, Hunter sided with the two women and voted off Gervase 3-2.

Episode 15

Jenna and Stephanie were grateful that Hunter had decided to vote out Gervase. Hunter told them that he hoped that they could return the favor and help him out at some point down the road.

Immunity Challenge: The final four castaways must navigate through a maze and avoid several obstacles. At the end of each corridor would be a rung for a ladder. The castaways must collect eight rungs in order to climb up to a tower. First castaway to assemble their ladder and climb to the top of their tower wins immunity. This challenge was based on Survivor: The Amazon.

Hunter took the challenge, but because of his feet, he only won by a slim margin over Heidi. Even so, he won an unprecedented sixth immunity challenge. Back at camp, Hunter decided to vote with Heidi for either Stephanie or Jenna, because he thought that she would be easier to beat in the final two. He tried to get Stephanie and Jenna to turn on each other, presenting it as returning the favor for his voting out Gervase. Stephanie and Jenna flatly refused. At tribal, Hunter and Heidi decided to vote for Stephanie, as she had experience working a jury that might have proved dangerous. It wound up being tied 2-2 between Stephanie and Heidi. At the fire building contest tiebreaker, Stephanie won, sending Heidi to the jury. Early the next morning, Jeff awoke the final three and took them on a hike, where they paid homeage to their fallen comerades. They then went to the final immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge: The final three castaways must balance themselves barefoot on a post while holding onto an idol with one hand. Any castaway who moves either foot off the post or touched the idol with their free hand will be eliminated from the challenge. Last castaway left standing wins immunity. This challenge was based on the final immunity challenge of Survivor: Borneo.

Hunter won the final immunity challenge, giving him seven in a row and a clean sweep on the season. With the win, he guaranteed himself a spot in the final two. Jenna and Stephanie realized that they had pretty much no chance against Hunter, who had swept the challenges and had a lot of friends on the jury; as a result, they didn't do much scrambling. Realizing that Stephanie had been a finalist before and Jenna had not, Hunter decided to vote out Stephanie, sending her to the jury. The two enjoyed the traditional final two breakfast before heading off to final tribal council to be addressed by the jury. Colby laid into Jenna for betraying him on day 3 by voting Sue out and making him feel like a second class citizen for the rest of the game. He said nothing to Hunter. Tammy asked what their best strategic move in the game was. Jenna said that it was her decision to vote out Gervase and remove a huge threat from the game. Hunter also said that it was taking out Gervase. Tammy accused both of them of playing weak games from a strategic standpoint. Dirk asked Hunter if he knew that Gervase was going to blindside him; Hunter truthfully told him no. He asked Jenna what the reason was for her improvement from her first season; she said that it was finding a strong alliance and sticking to it. The General asked what they were going to do with the money. Hunter said that he would put it towards buying a small airplane; Jenna said she would put it away for her daughters' futures. Gervase asked them why they had chosen to vote him out, as he had a reputation as a jerk and had already won during his first season, so his chances of winning again were unlikely. Hunter said that it was because Gervase posed a big threat in the immunity challenges, and those were Hunter's only lifeline in the game. Jenna said that she didn't want to turn on Stephanie and that she thought that Gervase's chances of winning were better than Heidi's. Gervase then said to Hunter that although he played a strong physical game, he was strategically dim-witted and didn't demonstrate any of the characteristics needed to win Survivor. Hunter shot back that his physical game was so dominant that he didn't need to strategize, but that he could have if he needed to. Heidi confessed that she thought that both played good games but that Hunter's dominance in challenges and his efforts to save her in the final four were enough for him to secure her vote. Stephanie asked Hunter who he thought would be at final tribal had he not won any immunities. He said Gervase and Heidi. In the end, Hunter Ellis was named the sole survivor by a vote of 6-1. He secured the votes of Colby, Tammy, Dirk, The General, Gervase and Heidi.

Saboga, Mogo Mogo Sue
Saboga Saboga, Chapera Zoe
Chapera, Saboga Saboga, Chapera Brian
Mogo Mogo Osten [E]
Chapera Saboga Lindsay
Saboga Kim
Chapera Zbacnik
Chapera Jerri [E]
Chapera Matthew
Hunter Colby
Hunter, Gervase, Dirk, Jenna Hunter Tammy
Dirk Hunter Dirk
Stephanie Hunter The General
Gervase Hunter Gervase

Challenge 1: Hunter

Challenge 2: Hunter

Tribal 1: Heidi

Tribal 2: Stephanie

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